Take the lead in helping us operate, troubleshoot, and improve the platform that ingests, secures, and analyzes the massive amounts of database performance data. Our platform is written in Go and hosted on the AWS cloud.
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Chrome Dev Summit is coming to San Francisco, CA on Nov. 10 and 11! RSVP with code WEBOPSWEEKLY or sign up for livestream updates.
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“..a new and funny way to play with Elasticsearch to reindex a production cluster without disturbing our clients.”
Fred de Villamil
“A few years ago I had no idea what ‘operations’ was. Now I know a tiny bit more about it so I want to write down what I’ve figured out.”
Julia Evans
How to manage changes as the number of dependencies within your microservices architecture expands.
Christian Posta
Dan York
Henry Mollman
Learn best practices for scaling the frontend in this exclusive ebook for webops and performance teams.
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The first in a series discussing the standardization of microservice development.
David Thor
Mathias Lafeldt
Squarespace Engineering
How Monzo, a new UK-based startup bank, are building a micro-services core banking platform, and how Kubernetes enables it. Associated slides here.
Brief analysis of the growing trend of mobile-accessed video and how it’ll impact the underlying infrastructure.
High Scalability
Chris Tozzi
Prime Directive