Take the lead in helping us operate, troubleshoot, and improve the platform that ingests, secures, and analyzes the massive amounts of database performance data. Our platform is written in Go and hosted on AWS.
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In brief
A proposal for an informational HTTP status code indicating hints for a client to make preparations for processing the final response.
Let's Encrypt
Jordan Novet
The Amazon Linux Container Image is available now from the EC2 Container Registry for cloud and on-premises use.
Scott M.​ Fulton III
Version 2.3 of DreamFactory’s powerful open source API automation platform brings major enhancements to speed, caching, and versatility. Free demo.
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Pavel Odintsov
When an ad blocker is detected, a WebSocket connection is opened that provides a backup mechanism for delivering ads.
Swarna Podila
Due to an uprise of DDoS attacks companies should be rethinking their DNS.
Brian Jackson
Microservices “offer the best solution to the challenges facing most large development orgs”.
John McClean
A lesson in why hiding frequent log messages, like a health check, could be disastrous.
Mark Campbell
Daniel Kahn
Get full root access on any Linux distribution you want for only $10 per month, all with SSD storage included.
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Danny Linden