Come and help build out and manage our cloud infrastructure (on Kubernetes) and deployment pipelines, create and support tooling for centralized logging, monitoring and alerting, and help guide our overall architecture.
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In brief
Network Computing
Includes an explanation of what ‘snaps’ are and why they’re being used here.
Stéphane Graber
The New Stack
Alex Woodie
A 120 terabit per second cable between LA and Hong Kong.
Usage levels are outpacing infrastructure improvements.
Twin Prime
In this eBook, we take a look at optimizing the time it takes to test and deploy the open-source Laravel Framework project and using parallelization to speed up your test suite.
Codeship   sponsored 
How to use Yarn with Docker for Node.js development and deployment.
Martino Fornasa
A walkthrough of a few obstacles and shortcomings to be aware when running Java on AWS Lambda and ways to overcome them.
Dustin Talk
An AWS AMI for streaming PC games at extremely low latency and 60 FPS.
Google’s Sarah Novotny manages Kubernetes’ community efforts.
Sarah Novotny
Ryan Collins
The New Stack
Version 2.3 of DreamFactory’s powerful open source API automation platform brings major enhancements to speed, caching, and versatility. Free demo.
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The response to a challenge posed on Reddit.