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In brief
The strict trademark guidelines of Docker Inc. can easily be turned into a case against any project using “docker” as a repository name.
Andreas Jung
Is also using DMARC to prevent malicious emails spoofing the UK government.
The Stack
The New Stack
Two full days of talks and codelabs from the Polymer team and major companies using Polymer and Web Components.
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Amazon Web Services
Nick describes his experience upgrading a basic RESTful API from .NET Core RC1 to .NET Core 1.0, using Docker to host it on Linux.
Nick Soper
Viktor Farcic
Adrian Mouat
Compares a simple websocket server implemented idiomatically in Clojure, C++, Elixir, Go, Node.js, and Ruby.
Jack Christensen
Ex Ratione
15-plus years of Google R&D helps.
Matt Asay
Brian Wheeler
Peter Marton
Better email delivery for higher ROI. Spend Less. Deliver More. Guaranteed.
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A tool that allows a user to visualize which S3 buckets are using the most data storage.
Kevin Owocki
Uses FastCGI and SQLite behind the scenes. Demo.