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The Register
NGINX has partnered up with O’Reilly.
Larry Ellison has a message for Amazon Web Services: Oracle will give Amazon a run for its money in the cloud market.
Blair Hanley Frank
Tammy Everts
The New Stack
Learn how callbacks interact with the event loop & how to use ES7 async functions. Use weekly2016 for 30% off
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Did you know that your Docker container can check-in on itself and let you know whether it’s still functioning as expected?
Alex Ellis
A very easy to follow guide with plenty of detail.
Benjamin Tan Wei Hao
Not many people need a DHCP relayer, but Facebook use this in production.
Facebook Incubator
Damian Schenkelman
A new study measures 1.2 billion unique IPv4 addresses for a glimpse of what IPv4 usage activity is like.
Philipp Richter
Let's Encrypt
Ole Michaelis
The New Stack
It’s not good news, but at least I learnt about Kong.
Peter B Smith
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