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In brief
A community conference on the future of containers. Use WEBOPSCAMP for £100 off.
Container Camp
Daniel Miessler
An indepth guide to optimizing WordPress with waterfall analysis if you use Pingdom.
Brian Jackson
Sounds a bit dry but is ultimately a very thorough in-depth guide to how the Linux kernel receives packets.
This free eBook will help you to get started creating Docker plugins with capabilities such as Authorization (Authz), VolumeDriver, NetworkDriver, and IpamDriver.
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Aleksa Sarai
Elixir is an Erlang-based language with Ruby-esque syntax.
Emerson Macedo
JPEG images can store a lot of metadata.
Inian Parameshwaran
A very honest play-by-play of a major outage.
Keith Pitt
Bradley Buda
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all software application errors.
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Want to test DNS over TLS? Here are two resolvers you can use.
ping, trace, packet analysis, RIPE info, LAN discovery, and more in a single command line tool.
Mehrdad Arshad Rad
Still a work in progress.