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Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all Software application errors.
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Apache Foundation
Richard Li
Ron Miller
Techniques to write a TCP/IP application optimized for responsiveness.
Kazuho Oku
Why are metrics important? How should we decide which metrics are important for our situations? And what should we be measuring?
Dawn Foster
The new TLDS are popular with spammers and malware attackers.
Tom Henderson
Andy Vitus
“Docker could, in theory, be used to build a platform to run serverless applications on, but that doesn’t make it serverless.”
Ryan S.​ Brown
Using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to get a detailed look at your AWS account’s billing info.
Periscope Data lets you run analyses over billions of rows in seconds.
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B.​ Blechschmidt
Erik Svedäng