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EFS lets you create POSIX-compliant file systems and attach them to one or more of your EC2 instances via NFS.
Whether you’re completely new to Kubernetes, or already an expert, Deis Workflow is a great choice for production deployments. Go from code to cloud in seconds with Kubernetes and Deis Workflow.
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Sandeep Dinesh
How Julia can be used to analyze static libpcap format capture files containing IP traffic.
Brandon K.​ Miller
Chris Pietschmann
Stefan Thies
Vladimir Zakharevich and Martin Rakhmanov
Matthew Flaming from New Relic on what it takes to (continuously) rebuild a system that can never stop.
O'Reilly Velocity Conference
Juan Manuel Serruya
“traffic is latency not throughput, therefore scaling should occur when latency levels are unacceptable”
Ellis Marte
Jacek Ciolek
Mark Little
Our API automation platform keeps getting better with new streamlined commercial packages.
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“allows any transport-layer protocol (such as TCP or SCTP) to be packaged up and carried within a stream of UDP packets”
ping, traceroute, port check, WHOIS, and more.
Proof of concept for attaching a Web-based terminal to a Docker container.
Simon Engledew
Interesting proof of concept doing geolocation by passive monitoring TCP/IP round trip times.