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Be at the forefront of continuous delivery and DevOps.
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Create your Hired profile to get top companies to start applying to hire you. Get offers from $75,000 - $250,000 on the platform in 1 week.
In brief
Led by Netflix's Jem Young, this full-day workshop covers everything to do to build a webserver to host your very own web app, from setting up DNS and Nginx to configuring node and building a JS deploy system.
ForwardJS   sponsored 
You can now attach resizable, separate SSD block storage volumes to your DO instances.
Ben Dickson discusses four major challenges presented by IoT, from privacy and security to connectivity and compatibility/longevity.
Vivek Juneja
A look at self-healing resets, health-check probes, and live restores.
Luis Herrera Benítez
A way to reduce the size of your PNGs (often significantly) in a lossless fashion.
Ariya Hidayat
Milan Aleksić
A freely readable online book for Phoenix/Elixir users.
Dustin Farris
Luiz Rogerio
Thoughts gleaned from the web performance discussions at O’Reilly Velocity Conference.
Ben Halpern
“Our nightmare on Amazon EC2 Elastic Container Service (ECS) and how we saved ourselves by moving to Kubernetes”
Bilal Aslam
Peter Lawrey
Join developers at Intel and 500px who are using Semaphore to test and deploy their apps quickly and reliably.
Semaphore   sponsored 
A quick reference cheat-sheet providing a high-level overview of the typical commands you could run for performing a penetration test.
High On Coffee
A new (commercial) automatic compliance testing tool.
Dependency CI
Kiran 'CK' Oliver
A quick video looking at Chalice, the recently published preview of the Python Serverless Microframework for AWS.
Peter Moon

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