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In brief
The popular marketplace is running a true LAMP stack.
High Scalability
In this free webinar Codeship engineer Laura Frank will give an introduction on how to use Docker to run your tests more efficiently and will walk through testing best practices.
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A test of 3 different load balancing algorithms for their effects on latency.
Steve Jenson
A look at ways to make JSON a more descriptive transport when used in APIs.
Benjamin Young
Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas
Julia Evans
Often it’s many ‘small’ things that add up to big Web performance gains.
A dig into the licenses involved.
Guido Steinacker
Sean Kennedy
Dropbox Tech Blog
Imgix is a real-time image processing service and CDN. Our new libraries enable you to implement lightboxes and zoom viewers without having to create multiple copies of the image, while also delivering it at high quality and speed, to every device or browser.
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Why? So you can see how an HTTP cache or proxy modifies the traffic passing through it.
Jamie Finnigan
Mark Betz
Bryan Morris