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In brief
They are now RESTful and include significantly more filtering options.
Search Engine Land
A look at Facebook’s 6 different server rack types.
The Next Platform
Google Cloud Platform Blog
Join the first ever Virtual Course for IT Ops to elevate your skills and site’s performance.
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Jeff Posnick
Zuul is an edge service that proxies requests to multiple backing services.
Mostly security related.
Rafael Garcia
Bruno Rocha
A thorough and practical look at both the pros and cons of moving a large number of sites behind a CDN.
Scott Fennell
It’s a highly distributed SQL database with linear scalability.
We've just launched the beta of Compose Enterprise, a new powerful option for using Compose which lets deploy production-ready databases with ease within your own cloud clusters.
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You can move live, terabyte-scale databases to the cloud, with options to stick with your existing database platform or to upgrade to a new one.
An indicator button for HTTP/2, SPDY and QUIC support on the site you’re currently visiting.
Guillermo Rauch
Benjamin Mårtensson