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In brief
The New Stack
Notably, POST, LOCK and PATCH requests are no longer passed to the next server by default if a request has been sent to a backend already.
Maxim Dounin
Tammy Everts
No actual news yet, but it appears Amazon will be using it soon.
New Angular 2 sample app for DreamFactory’s open source REST API platform.
DreamFactory   sponsored 
A look at writing and deploying serverless microservices from the Python ecosystem.
Rich Jones
Clark Roberts
High Scalability
No Bugs Hare
PostgreSQL has predictable defaults. This article examines the tradeoffs and discusses per-connection tunable write consistency over a cluster.
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Summaries of 5 different approaches.
Kasper B.​ Graversen
Cody Boggs
What does “making pages X seconds faster equals Y” actually mean?
Buddy Brewer
“I can’t count the number of times I have heard Docker containers described as ‘lightweight VMs’,” says Docker’s Mike Coleman.
Sam Kroonenburg
Service Workers are credited for quicker load times over 2G networks, commonly used in Flipkart’s home market.
A look at how the Financial Times are using a Chrome extension to run synthetic tests on pages their developers visit so performance concerns are made more visible.
FT Labs
Dynamic content can be generated by code written in either C or Lua.
Leandro Pereira