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In brief
The New Stack
Google is ending support for SPDY in Chrome in favor of the standardized HTTP/2.
Patrick Kennedy
The Next Platform
Our custom-made, robust and stable OaaS platform for Rails apps allows scheduled and automatic scaling of your production and staging environments so you don't pay for servers you don't need. Get OpsCare and save.
Reinteractive   sponsored 
Robert Gibb
Sam Atkinson
AWS Lambda’s Java support also makes it easy to write Lambda functions in other JVM-based languages, such as Clojure.
A look at approaches to mitigate JVM garbage collection pauses during log writing.
Si Beaumont
Matias Fontanini
An opposite route to that most commonly seen lately.
Software Engineering Daily
DreamFactory 2 lets you manipulate data on multiple databases across multiple servers, all from one API endpoint. Instantly.
DreamFactory   sponsored 
Makes it easy to deploy Python WSGI applications on AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Think of it as ‘serverless’ web hosting for Python web apps.
Rich Jones
Lets you write your API documentation in Markdown, and then execute it as an automated test. It’s written in Go.
Mat Ryer
A powerful GUI and command-line interface make it easy to model, deploy, manage, monitor and scale out services to any public or private cloud.
Distributed Masonry
“Because every container should be accessible.”
Jeroen Peeters
Taylor Briggs