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The New York Times is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer to join a small team within NYT Beta. The ideal candidate enjoys a mix of software and system engineering, building tools/services, solving production problems, automation, and working with product engineers to design systems and features.
The New York Times
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In brief
An event for all things related to Vagrant, Terraform, and similar tech.
Join the first ever Virtual Course for IT Ops to elevate your skills and your site’s performance.
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Route53 for DNS and CloudFront for the SSL endpoint.
Daniel X Moore
Diogo Mónica
Julia Evans
Mahdi Ben Hamida
David Linthicum
Verify if your server or CDN supports Google’s Brotli compression algorithm.
Dhaval Kapil
David Futcher
Built in Node. Stores and syncs data in realtime. Scales via clustering. Open source.
Hoxton One
An open source, Node-based alternative to commercial realtime pub/sub services with a focus on giving developers control over their own realtime data.
Miroslav Stampar
Aleksa Sarai
Neglected apps become harder to maintain and upgrade. Sign up to CodeCare and get fixed price ongoing upgrades and improvements for your Ruby on Rails apps.
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A 20 page paper.
Gupta and Shute