#​318 — May 26, 2021

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Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning: 1.2M API Requests per Second on a 4 vCPU EC2 Instance — This is one of those epic and detailed technical posts that people will come back to for some time. It’s a great read and demonstrates how the author tuned a system to serve 1.2 million requests per second from a single EC2 instance. Lots of fantastic bits and pieces here.

Marc Richards

PostgreSQL 14 Beta 1 Released — The first “this is ready for you to give it a try” release of the next major PostgreSQL release is here. Postgres 14 features a variety of performance improvements across the board, adds new multirange types, VACUUM enhancements, and more.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Remote Instructor-Led Go, Docker, Kubernetes & Python Training — We offer live-streaming remote training sessions for individual engineers and companies that want to augment their knowledge in Go, Docker, Kubernetes and Python. We’ve trained over 10,000 engineers via our carefully crafted classes.

Ardan Labs sponsor

PlanetScale Unveils Distributed MySQL Database Service Based on Vitess — I’ve been seeing buzz about PlanetScale on Twitter for a while, particularly around all the hires they’ve been making. So it’s interesting to finally see what they’re up to. Essentially it’s a developer-focused ‘serverless’ database platform offering ‘indefinite scaling’, branching, and CLI tooling.

Alex Woodie

Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js Natively in the Browser — An interesting new WebAssembly-based operating system that boots instantly and enables Node.js environments to run directly in the browser. People have been getting very excited about this on Twitter. Only supports Chromium-based browsers for now though.

Eric Simons (StackBlitz)

# Tutorials, Opinions and Stories  📖

Should We Rebrand REST? — A developer makes the argument for consigning the term “REST API” to history and poses an alternative approach.

Kieran Potts

'Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong' — Arguments over doing email validation properly come up time and time again, and so it goes here with a look at just how emails really can contain multiple @ symbols, bang paths, various punctuation characters, and more. But should you accept such addresses? That’s a different question.

Jan Schaumann

How to Look at the Stack with gdb — Skills worth having in your arsenal.

Julia Evans

Workshop: Getting Started with Google Cloud and Infrastructure as Code — In this workshop we’ll use the Google Cloud native provider to build infrastructure using Pulumi’s TypeScript SDK.

Pulumi sponsor

How Slack Manages User Roles — Controlling which users are able to take which actions is no simple task, whether in a simple app or something as complex as Slack.

Byman, Dahal, and Medina (Slack)

Creating a Robust Distributed Locking Algorithm on Google Cloud Storage — The co-creator of Passenger needed a way to coordinate concurrent workloads with distributed locks and has come up with an approach.

Hongli Lai

The Mysterious Gotcha of gRPC Stream Performance — The quest to improve the performance of a gRPC streaming server that wasn’t working as expected.

Paul Cruickshank (Ably)

The Easiest Way to Debug Kubernetes Workloads
Martin Heinz

How to Debug Kubernetes Pending Pods and Scheduling Failures
Emily Chang (Datadog)

# Code and Tools  🔧

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Comby: A Structural Code Search and Replace Tool for (Almost) Every Language — A tool that’s aware of different languages and syntaxes and can search and rewrite code in a logical way. Looks very handy.

Rijnard van Tonder

immudb v1.0: A 'Tamper-Evident' Database with Immutable History — SQL support has been added and so the creators now boast immudb is the ‘first immutable database with relational capabilities.’ Written in Go and Apache licensed.

Codenotary Inc

[Free Download] Guide to Effective Feature Management

LaunchDarkly sponsor

SQLFluff: A SQL Linter and Auto-Formatter — A ‘dialect-flexible’ SQL linter that aims to automatically fix most linting errors.


Sublime Text 4 Released — While VS Code has become extremely popular in the past few years, Sublime Text used to be huge and it’s great to see a new major version. TypeScript, JSX and TSX support are baked in, as is Apple Silicon support, GPU rendering, and more.

Sublime Blog

goodbots: Verify IP Addresses of Respectful Crawlers and Bots — A tool written in Go for verifying the IP addresses of ‘good’ crawlers such as Googlebot by performing reverse and forward DNS lookups on IP addresses.

Eric Wu



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