#​317 — May 19, 2021

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AWS App Runner: A New Way to Deploy Code on AWS — I’m always curious when it’s not Jeff Barr announcing a new AWS service, but nonetheless this is yet another way to deploy container based apps to AWS in a vaguely Google Cloud Run or modern Heroku-esque fashion with all of the details taken care of for you. It can detect pushes and redeploy your apps automatically, if you want, too.

Martin Beeby (Amazon Web Services)

Running Multiplayer DOOM on Cloudflare Workers — Last month we covered how a Fastly engineer got DOOM running on Fastly’s edge platform but Cloudflare has gone a step further with a fully working multiplayer port running on Workers using WebSockets and Durable Objects. The pieces are open source too.

Celso Martinho

New Mobile Chat Kit From Stream — Stream recently announced their new Chat UI and SDKs for Figma, Sketch, Flutter, React Native, iOS, and Android on Product Hunt. The UI includes flexible assets for creating a customized, scalable, and beautiful in-app chat experience to increase user engagement and retention.

Stream sponsor

Azure Static Web Apps Now Generally Available — Azure Static Web Apps, first announced in preview in May 2020, is out of preview and generally available. While not specific to Jamstack apps (they target SPAs in general), this is Microsoft’s alternative to services like Netlify and Vercel.

Daria Grigoriu (Microsoft)

Cloudflare's Plan to End the CAPTCHA?“Humanity wastes about 500 years per day on CAPTCHAs” apparently, and given Cloudflare issues a lot of them to traffic it’s unsure about, they’re thinking about how to get rid of CAPTCHAs entirely by having humans validate their presence in other ways.

Thibault Meunier (Cloudflare)

# Tutorials, Opinions and Stories  📖

Everything You Need to Know About DynamoDB Partitions — Amazon’s DynamoDB is incredibly scalable but has its own particular way of operating that may seem alien to many developers. This post digs deep into the partitioning side of things which, ultimately, is the biggest part of how and why DynamoDB is so fast and can scale so far.

Alex DeBrie

Behind The Scenes of 1Password for Linux — This look behind the scenes of a popular password manager’s Linux client is interesting in how they’ve brought Rust and React together (complete with diagrams). This is a very modern way to build such an app.

Dave Teare

May 25: The Anatomy of 3 Incidents

99 Percent Visible Tech Talks sponsor

How to Use Docker for Occasional Linux Access — Do you need to build or debug something in Linux just every now and then? Docker can perhaps more quickly put a Linux environment at your fingertips than other methods.

John Ruble

What is an ECU? An EC2 Compute Unit, Simply Explained — An EC2 Compute Unit (ECU) was Amazon’s first attempt to compare the CPU performance of different EC2 instance types.

Alex Chan

Boosting Dropbox's Upload Speed and Improving Windows’ TCP Stack — Goes into more depth than you might expect.

Alexey Ivanov

A Color Coded Guide to Ports and Adapters — A look at how to visualize a pattern for decoupling the functionality of your app from some of the interchangeable details (e.g. frameworks, ORMs, third party APIs).

Damon Kelley

Choosing a Remote Tool for Pair Programming — A team weighed up both Tuple and CoScreen.

Michael Wytock

The Tools and Tech I Use to Run a One-Woman Hardware Company
Thea Flowers

Automating Cloudflare Tunnel with Terraform
Chris De La Garza (Cloudflare)

# Code and Tools  🔧

Announcing HAProxy 2.4 — HAProxy 2.4 adds support for HTTP/2 WebSockets, authorization and routing of MQTT and FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol messages, DNS resolution over TCP, server timeouts that you can change on the fly, and more.

Daniel Corbett


The GitHub Artifact Exporter — It’s always interesting to see a GitHub tool come out of GitHub itself (such as the GitHub CLI.) This tool provides a way to download issues, comments or other repository data as a CSV file for processing elsewhere.


[Free Download] Guide to Effective Feature Management — Learn feature management practices to accelerate release cycles and deploy every 6 hours, instead of every 6 weeks.

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A Big List of HTTP Static Server One-Liners — Want to spin up a quick HTTP server locally? There’s a lot of ways to do it and this list is updated on occasion.

William Bowers

micropipenv: Installing Python Dependencies in Containerized Apps
Fridolin Pokorny (Red Hat)

A Review of 20+ API Monitoring Tools
Vyom Srivastava


Software Engineer at Fleet (100% Remote) — Work with the creators of osquery + Sails.js at our new venture building a better way to manage employee laptops and servers.

Operations Engineer at FreeAgent — Join our team to scale and shape the modern AWS platform behind our award-winning SaaS accounting app with over 110,000 customers.

Movfuscator2: A Single Instruction C Compiler — Here’s your “weird” item of the week. This C compile produces programs solely made out of MOV instructions. Perhaps more interesting is this explanation of why it works and how MOV is Turing complete on its own (sort of.. it’s complicated).