#263 — April 22, 2020

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The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder — This is not a technical article but is an important one nonetheless. Lee Holloway essentially programmed Cloudflare into being. But then he became distant and unpredictable, and what happened to him is something that could affect any of us 😔

Sandra Upson (WIRED)

How io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux — Even more exciting times are coming for development on Linux thanks to these technologies. A good overview.

Glauber Costa

Slow CI Build? Get a 41:1 ROI by Switching to Semaphore — For every $1 invested in Semaphore, engineers gain $41 in reclaimed productivity. Who said money can’t buy you time?

Semaphore 2.0 sponsor

▶  Mob Programming and the Power of Flow — I enjoyed this insightful walk through the idea of bringing people together and attempting to develop things in an efficient way with numerous people around the same machine (a.k.a. ‘mob’ programming). It’s not for everyone, but it’s neat to see how it can work.

Woody Zuill

Cloudflare Workers Now Supports.. COBOL — COBOL is one of the earliest things you could really call a programming language (it first appeared in 1959!) and is often a source of amusement because it’s seen as old, verbose, clunky, and difficult to maintain. Nonetheless, it’s still in use (particularly in legacy systems) and you can use with Cloudflare Workers too!

John Graham-Cumming

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💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📕 Stories and Opinions

How 'Memories', a 256 Byte Demo, Was Coded — You can watch the demo here or enjoy learning just how these unusual developers cram so much into so little space.


The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories — For pioneering computer scientist Donald Knuth, good coding is synonymous with beautiful expression.

Quanta Magazine

▶  Discussing NGINX and Service Meshes with Alan Murphy — I enjoyed this SE Daily episode last week and learnt a fair bit.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

End-to-End Observability for Microservice Environments — Optimize service costs and reduce MTTR with full data correlation, payload visibility and automated tracing. Try free.

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▶  Performance Profiling for Web Applications — An overview of how to use Chrome DevTools to understand a Web application’s performance bottlenecks.

Sam Saccone

Are Object Stores Starting to Look Like Databases? — A bit, yes.

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

The Case Against CS Master’s Degrees

Oz Onay

Why I Stopped Using Microservices

Robin Wieruch

📖 Tutorials

Ask HN: I'm A Software Engineer Going Blind, How Should I Prepare? — This is something I hope none of you have to go through, but we’ve linked to other stories about being a blind coder in the past, and some form of sight loss will affect many of us over the years.

Hacker News

Writing an 'Emulator' in JavaScript (and Interfacing with Multiple UIs) — Tania built a Chip-8 interpreter in JavaScript and has gone into quite a bit of detail about what was involved here. Lots of neat bits and pieces to pick up from this.

Tania Rascia

What It Took to Build a Serverless App That Texts Positive COVID-19 News — Code, a screencast tour, and an article looking at what it took to build a simple serverless app using C#, Azure Functions, and Twilio to text news alerts (but only ones with positive sentiments!)

Gwyneth Pena S.

If You Use grep On Text Files, Use the -a (--text) Option — I could explain why but then you wouldn’t need to read this. Makes a good point.

Chris Siebenmann

Event-Reduce: An Algorithm to Optimize Frequently Running Queries? — In brief, the idea is that rather than having to re-run queries when data changes on a table, you can basically merge in changes to previous query results. Be sure to check the FAQs.

Daniel Meyer

Embedding Binary Objects in C

Ted Unangst

🛠 Code and Tools

Desed: A Debugger for sed — Demystify and debug your sed (the text processor that comes with nearly every Unix) scripts, from the comfort of your terminal. Step through line by line, place breakpoints, etc.


Falcon: An Open-Source, Cross Platform SQL Client — Built around Electron and React, this basic client can quickly do chart visualizations of query results and can connect to RedShift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Impala, MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite and more.


The SaaS CTO Security Checklist

Sqreen sponsor

Termible: Offer Terminal Apps in the Browser Without Installation — This is a commercial service but I find the idea intriguing. You provide a Dockerfile, embed some code on your site, and let people play with your product/service “live”. HTTPie seems to use it for its live examples.


X410: An X Server for Windows 10 — If you’re using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to run Linux behind the scenes of a Windows 10 install, X410 takes things to another graphical level.

Choung Networks

60 Linux Networking Commands and Scripts“I decided to create a network tools go-to-list for myself. Then, I thought, why not turn the list into a blog post?”

Hayden James

Brök: A Tool to Find Broken Links in Text Documents — Built in Haskell.

Mark Wales

xsv: A Fast CSV Command Line Toolkit Written in Rust. — Another ‘Swiss Army knife’ for your slightly structured data.

Andrew Gallant