#262 — April 15, 2020

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GitHub Shakes Up Pricing, Makes Most Core Features Free — One of the good consequences of Microsoft acquiring GitHub seems to be that they want to open it up to everyone without any barriers, so now you can use GitHub for private development with unlimited collaborators for free, and even the enterprise features are cheaper now.

Nat Friedman (GitHub)

Comparing HTTP/3 vs. HTTP/2 Performance — HTTP/3 is still in a draft status spec-wise, but it’s already being supported here and there, including on Cloudflare. This post covers where HTTP/3 is right now, why it matters, and some basic benchmarks.

Sreeni Tellakula (Cloudflare)

We Now Offer Remote Go, Docker or Kubernetes Training — We offer live-streaming remote training as well as video training for engineers and companies that want to learn Go, Docker and/or Kubernetes. Having trained over 5,000 engineers, we have carefully crafted these classes for students to get as much value as possible.

Ardan Labs sponsor

Ask HN: How to Rediscover the Joy of Programming? — A popular Hacker News discussion from this week about how to make programming really click for you, rather than being merely a daily slog.

Hacker News

How Deploys Work at Slack — When you’re running a service that’s used at the heart of so many companies, like Slack, deploys require a careful balance of speed and reliability. This is a very high level look at what Slack does.

Slack Engineering

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💻 Jobs

Full-Stack Developer (Skien, Norway) — We are looking for a full-stack dev with a solid track record to help us adapt to tomorrow's security requirements.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📕 Stories and Opinions

The Death of Hype: What's Next for Scala — Most languages go through a ‘hype cycle’ and Scala’s initial peak was quite a few years ago now but what’s the long term outlook like?


The Case for Human-Centric Observability

Lightstep sponsor

Clocking a 6502 to 15GHz — Via emulation, of course :-)

Chris Evans

The Malleable Systems Manifesto — An attempt to explore the idea of software being easy to change, reusable, sharable, and thoughtfully crafted.

Malleable Systems Collective

What Outranks Thread Priority? — When reawakening his laptop because to take longer and longer, Bruce set out to find the cause..

Bruce Dawson

Why NextDNS Is My New Favourite DNS Service — Note: This is about using a third party DNS service as a client rather than for serving records.

Stanislas Lange

📖 Tutorials

How to Monitor Your Web Page's Total Memory Usage with performance.measureMemory() — Learn how to measure memory usage of your web page in production to detect regressions. (Chrome only, for now.)

Ulan Degenbaev

How Anti-Cheat Systems Detect System Emulation — Not an area I’m involved in but this is fascinating. These folks really know their stuff.

Daax, iPower, ajkhoury, and Drew

▶  Easy And Correct High Availability Postgres with Kubernetes — A 50 minute talk from PostgresOpen 2019 that goes all the way ‘from containers up’ until actually doing stuff with Postgres.

Steven Pousty

Some GitHub Pro-Tips Direct from GitHub — Lee Reilly is a developer and marketer at GitHub and has a whole bunch of genuinely useful GitHub power user tips here.

Lee Reilly (GitHub)

Untangling Microservices, or Balancing Complexity in Distributed Systems“The microservices honeymoon period is over.” Vladik looks at why, as well as at common design issues that turn microservices into ‘distributed big balls of mud’.

Vladik Khononov

▶  Explore Your Microservices Architecture with Graph Theory and Network Science — Can we improve microservice architectures using graph theory? Apparently yes.

Nicki Watt

Continuous Deployments for WordPress Using GitHub Actions — Shipping code to a production server often requires paid services. With GitHub Actions, Continuous Deployment is free for everyone. Read how to set that up.

Steffen Bewersdorff

The DevSecOps Security Checklist — The checklist brings security, operations & engineering together to up-level security without impacting velocity.

Sqreen sponsor

A Beginners Guide to Basic Indexing in Postgres

James Bannister

🛠 Code and Tools

The Desmos Graphing Calculator — One of those long-standing tools I lean on every now and then that I think everyone should know about. Ideal for graphing functions, doing approximations, etc.. and you don’t have to sign in or anything 👍


All 200+ Google Cloud Products Described in 4 Words or Less — This is a neat poster. We need AWS and Azure versions of this as well.

Greg Wilson

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Released — Now supports Java 14 and its new features.


Portray: A Python3 Documentation Generation Tool — I’m only a Pythonista on rare occasion, but this looks really neat.

Timothy Crosley

mv.sh: Rename Files with mv Without Typing The Name Twice

Přemek Vyhnal

regex2fat: Turn Your Favorite Regex into FAT32 — This is an absolutely terrible idea (but in a fun, entertaining way 😂)


The Simpsons in CSS — Just a bit of fun, but neat to see what you can whip up with (a lot of) CSS.

Chris Pattle