#235 — September 25, 2019

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A bit of a weird issue this week, so little actually happened.. but we've made the best of it as we can :-) Let's cross our fingers for next week! 😂

Covering the week's news in software development, infrastructure, ops, platforms, and performance.

HTTP Mock: Intercept, Debug and Mock HTTP Requests — A big addition to the popular suite of open source HTTP Toolkit tools. This one lets you intercept and proxy HTTP and HTTPS traffic, examine requests and responses, and even mock servers or endpoints for prototyping.

HTTP Toolkit

Working with GitHub Actions — GitHub Actions are still in beta (though all applications are now being accepted immediately) and are changing quickly. But if you are looking to get started the possibilities are endless.

Jeff Rafter

📕 20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams — GitPrime's new book draws together some of the most common software team dynamics, observed in working with hundreds of enterprise engineering organizations. Actionable insights to help you debug your development process with data. Get your copy.

GitPrime sponsor

Red Hat's New Linux Distro Brings CentOS Closer to RHEL — CentOS is a popular Red Hat ‘flavored’ Linux distribution and officially joined Red Hat in 2014 but has continued to lag behind RHEL somewhat. No more, as CentOS is set to become a parallel, ‘developer-forward’ upstream distribution that will include things from the RHEL codebase more quickly.

Jack Wallen

AWS Step Functions Adds Support for Dynamic ParallelismStep Functions is a managed service for coordinating tasks around workflows built up of, surprise, multiple steps. What’s been added is support for dynamic parallelism within a workflow.

Amazon Web Services

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💻 Jobs

Operations Engineer at DNSimple (Remote) — Chef expert? Join us to grow our automated infrastructure and help others on the team deliver infrastructure as code.


Let Your Skills Do the Talking — Our AI makes it easier and quicker to match with companies such as Apple, Skyscanner, KPMG, all based on your skills, no recruiters.


💬 Stories and Opinions

When TCP Sockets Refuse to Die — A debugging story from Cloudflare.

Marek Majkowski

An HTML Attribute Potentially Worth $4.4M to Chipotle — During Chipotle’s checkout process the author discovered an autofill bug that could be costing the food company “$4.4 million annually”.

Jason Grigsby

How to Create Chaos Engineering Dashboards with Datadog and Gremlin

Gremlin sponsor

The Technical Challenges of Building Cloudflare WARP — WARP is a new VPN-style service for securing traffic on mobile devices by sending it through Cloudflare’s network. Here’s a pretty in-depth look at how they went about building the service.


How a Blind Software Developer Works — An interesting explanation of something that most of us will not have experienced: what it’s like to develop software while being unable to see.

Tuukka Ojala

🛠 Code and Tools

Cascadia Code: Microsoft's Newest Monospace Font — Always good to see a new terminal font.


httpbin: An HTTP Request and Response Service — A mock server that lets you test various types of HTTP request. Look through the examples. You can spin up your own copy quickly via Docker, too. GitHub repo.

Kenneth Reitz

Talos: A Linux-Based OS Specifically for Running KubernetesHere’s an explanation of why you’d want to use this.

Talos Systems, Inc.

Set Up a CI/CD Server in Minutes — Demo GoCD’s full capabilities quickly, and see how its value stream map and pipelines as code functionalities get your code to prod more reliably.

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Yugabyte DB 2.0 GA: A 'Jepsen Tested', High-Performance Distributed SQL DBMS — A Google Spanner-inspired, cloud-native, distributed, open source SQL database that aims to be Postgres compatible.

Kannan Muthukkaruppan

memcached Adds Support for Restoring Its Cache Between Restarts — Version 1.5.18 of anything doesn’t sound too exciting, but this is a big step for memcached and will make both upgrades and recovery a lot easier if you are able to provide the right type of filesystem for it (it uses DAX). More discussion here.

memcached community

git-blame-someone-else: Blame Someone Else for Your Bad Code — A humorous, tongue-in-cheek tool. “Please don’t run this against your production repo.”

Jay Phelps

A Gentle Introduction to Kubernetes (With More Than Just The Basics) — A lengthy guide and set of materials to help you learn Kubernetes.

Aymen EL Amri

Kubernetes 1.16 Released

Kubernetes Release Team