#234 — September 18, 2019

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Covering the week's news in software development, infrastructure, ops, platforms, and performance — Formerly Web Operations Weekly and currently in transition.

IEEE Spectrum's Top Programming Languages of 2019 — Python, Java, and C sit at the top of the table, but R, Matlab, and Go are all doing very well too.

IEEE Spectrum

Traefik 2.0: The Cloud Native Edge RouterTraefik is a popular HTTP and TCP-based reverse proxy and load balancer. It now supports routing TCP and HTTP over the same port, complete with TLS support using SNI. Support for middleware has also been introduced.

Gérald Croës

Do You Need Go or Kubernetes Training? — We offer on-site corporate training for engineers that want to learn Go (Golang) or Kubernetes. Having trained over 4,000 engineers since 2013, we have carefully crafted these classes for students to get as much value as possible.

Ardan Labs sponsor

GitLab Raises $268 Million, Now Valued at $2.75 Billion — The aim is to improve their devops side of things (monitoring, security, CI, etc.) to be ‘best in class.’ A planned IPO in 2020 is also on their mind.


Unveiling Dark, a New Language and Environment for BackendsDark is an attempt at making it a lot easier to build backends and is holistic in the sense that the things you build get hosted directly on Dark’s own infrastructure. Yes, they are using the term “deployless” 😄

Ellen Chisa

Java 13 Has Arrived — Since Java 9 in 2017, new Java releases have come every 6 months and here’s the latest. Here’s a look at some of the new features.

Sharat Chander (Oracle)

Is Serverless The End of Ops? (No..) — With a serverless architecture carrying all of the ops load, what does that mean for sysadmins? Ultimately.. just more complexity as serverless is just one paradigm amongst many.

Chrissie Buchanan (GitLab)

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💬 Stories and Opinions

PDF 📄 The Hidden Story of China Telecom's BGP Hijacking“[H]ow China Telecom seems to employ its distributed points of presence (PoPs) (..) to selectively redirect internet traffic through China.” A pretty damning, but interesting, report.

Demchak and Shavitt

How I Revoked $1M Worth of EV Certificates — CAs are issuing all sorts of invalid certificates.

Scott Helme

Why Go and Not Rust? — If you are wondering how Rust and Go differ, check it out. I think my favorite takeaway is “Go is a better Java / C#…Rust is a better C++”

Loris Cro

A Kubernetes + GKE Mistake That Cost Me Thousands — A Kubernetes cluster built around 96 single-core instances is not the same as one running on a single 96-core VM.

Gajus Kuizinas

📕 20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams

GitPrime sponsor

▶  Automating Operations of a Global CDN — Over the years, Netflix has moved from using commercial CDN providers to it own in-house CDN called Open Connect. Here’s a talk focused on how it operates. (Audio is poor early on but gets better.)

Robert Fernandes (Netflix)

▶  How Spotify Accidentally Deleted All its Kube Clusters with No User Impact — It happened in 2017 when Spotify was migrating to Google Kubernetes Engine. Spoiler? Spotify have rock solid ops policies around migrations.

David Xia

How Do Developers Promote Open Source Projects? — This academic paper isn’t a ‘how to’ but more an analysis of what people are already doing. Newsletters are one of the options 👋

Borges and Valente

Will AWS CDK Replace Terraform and the 'Serverless Framework'?

Kevin van Ingen

Ask HN: Are Available Domain Names Still Important When Naming A Company? — In short, yes.

Hacker News

📖 Tutorials and Knowledge

How ConvertKit Could Lower Its $64K Monthly AWS Bill — Last week, we featured a company’s $64K AWS bill and now AWS billing guru Corey Quinn is here with his analysis.

Corey Quinn

Proxying npm Packages with GitHub Package Registry — GitHub has introduced the ability to proxy packages from the main npm registry through its GitHub Package Registry service (which is still in beta).

Alex Mullans (GitHub)

Continuously Testing React Applications with Jest and Enzyme

CircleCI sponsor

Moving Your JavaScript Development to the Terminal on Windows — If you’ve recently taken a look at Windows after becoming comfortable with macOS or Linux, this is for you. A detailed look at creating a powerful terminal-based development experience on Windows 10 using WSL and more.

Burke Holland

Using SO_PEERCRED in Go — A practical look at a slightly obscure Unix domain socket option that, intriguingly, provides the server process with user, group, and process IDs of any connected client.

James Bowen

12 New Features of AWS Amplify — An overview of the most popular new features of AWS Amplify, a sort of ‘sub-platform’ within AWS that provisions and manages backends for both mobile and Web applications.

Nader Dabit

A Technical Introduction to MemSQL — A brief technical introduction to the MemSQL database, a distributed, in-memory, SQL DBMS.

John Sherwood (MemSQL)

AWS Fargate Deep Dive: What, When, and Comparisons — As long as your app’s in a container, Fargate will get it running on AWS for you. How does it compare to other options?

Abhishek Ray

🛠 Code and Tools

Git Quick Statistics: A Quick Way to See Stats on Your Git Repos — Written in bash, this script helps you look at contributor stars, changelogs, commits per author/date/month/etc.

Lukáš Mešťan

Introducing NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB — AWS has released a Windows and macOS app for working with DynamoDB. Beware, however, as there are numerous reports of it breaking ~/.aws/credentials files (so be sure to back yours up!)

Amazon Web Services

curl 7.66.0: The Parallel HTTP/3 Future Is Here — curl has been undergoing a lot of work lately, primarily due to the HTTP/3 support being baked in.

Daniel Stenberg

Scylla Alternator: An Open Source DynamoDB-Compatible API for Scylla — Alternator is an open source project that brings DynamoDB compatibility to Scylla, a Cassandra-inspired distributed NoSQL store.


Cadence: A Distributed Orchestration Engine Built in Go — This system, built by Uber, simplifies the development of complex stateful distributed applications. This is the server but there are also Java and Go client libraries.

Uber Open Source