#236 — October 2, 2019

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Covering the week's news in software development, infrastructure, ops, platforms, and performance.

HTTP/3: The Past, The Present, and The Future — Cloudflare has announced support for QUIC and HTTP/3 on their popular edge network. It’s still pretty cutting edge though (you’ll need to use Chrome Canary or curl to test it) but this is a really neat overview of the history of HTTP/3, what it is, and how it will speed up the Web.

Alessandro Ghedini and Rustam Lalkaka

Processing 40 TB of Code From 10 Million Projects with Go — There are two parts to this interesting study. First, the why and how of grabbing code from 10 million repositories, and secondly the results of his analysis over the downloaded code. There’s basically something for everyone in here, even if it’s just the most popular curse words in public repos(!)

Ben E. C. Boyter

New Public Go, Docker & Kubernetes Training are Available For You — Per your request we're offering public training sessions in the US & Europe. Click on the link to learn more. We have trained over 4,000 engineers and more than 200 companies from Fortune 500's to startups. Let us help you achieve your goals. Let's Talk.

Ardan Labs sponsor

TensorFlow 2.0: The Machine Learning Platform — A major release for an increasingly important developer platform. It remains Python-oriented, of course, but hopefully we’ll see the enhancements pushing out to other ports and versions such as TensorFlow.js over time.


Running Transient Servers with Serverless — An interesting idea, this. Using AWS Lambda essentially as a scheduler for temporary EC2 instances in order to run background jobs.. Interesting to see, though I think there are better solutions.

Martin Raag

AWS IQ: AWS Help on Demand from Certified Third Party Experts — Amazon Web Services is now so vast an ecosystem that they’ve had to build a service where you can pay for help. A good move though.

Jeff Barr

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DevOps Engineers - CI/CD,Ruby,Jenkins (Edinburgh, Remote in UK) — Popular, award-winning Ruby/Rails SaaS product. Many production deploys/day. Join us as we grow and look to scale rapidly.


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💬 Stories and Opinions

How Sqreen Handles 50,000 Req/Min Minute in a Write-Heavy Environment — Sqreen is an application security management service and here’s how they handle the load. MongoDB, DynamoDB, memcached, and Redis all play a role.

Benoit Larroque

Petabytes on a Budget: 10 Years and Counting — It’s always fun to see what Backblaze (a cloud backup service, and a huge buyer of storage) is up to. They’re now storing 950 petabytes of data, and are looking to the future, aiming to stick to an upfront cost of 3 cents per gigabyte for storage.

Andy Klein (Backblaze)

Which Companies Are Using Erlang, and Why?

Francesco Cesarini

Saving Money by Switching from PHP to D — Not your typical language swap, but interesting nonetheless.

Andrea Fontana

🎓 Tutorials and Knowledge

Text Rendering Hates You — A collection of different problems you’ll encounter when rendering text for yourself.

Alexis Beingessner

Conventional Commits: A Convention for Making Commit Messages More Readable — Some interesting ideas in here for defining some structure around commit messages.

Conventional Commits

▶  What Is An AWS Step Function? (and Why You Should Love Them) — A 13 minute presentation on AWS Step Functions, the visual workflow system for AWS services.

AWS Simplified

Leading a Remote Dev Team? Read Range’s Guide to Remote Work

Range sponsor

How Does JSON:API Compare To REST and GraphQL? — A high level comparison of two popular API standards and one, well, less popular one :-)

Kristopher Sandoval

How Much Faster is Redis at Storing a Blob of JSON Compared to Postgres? — If you’re familiar with Redis, the in-memory data structure store, it won’t surprise you that’s it’s fast(!) but the use cases and pros and cons between Redis and Postgres are hugely different too.

Peter Bengtsson

Making A Public IP Address API with Two Lines of Nginx Config — OK, that’s a cute trick.

Enzo Calamia

🛠 Code and Tools

Sloop: A Kubernetes History Visualization Tool — Monitors Kubernetes, recording histories of events and resource state changes and providing visualizations to aid in debugging past events.


Blazor: Build Client Web Apps with C# — Official supported and gets you ‘real .NET’ running in the browser by way of WebAssembly.


Deliver Your API-First Product to Millions of Developers

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Announcing TypeScript 3.7 Beta

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

dnscrypt-proxy: A Flexible DNS Proxy, with Support for Encrypted DNS Protocols