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Ably realtime
In brief
Aparna Sinha
An online conference covering CI/CD, infrastructure, monitoring and more. Schedule here.
Sonatype Inc.​
Free Continuous Delivery 101 ebook where you’ll get a reference guide with visuals on key concepts.
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Michele Bertasi
Kyle Galbraith
Kim Desrosiers
An updated set of best practices from the horse’s mouth.
Jon Penland
Martin Hobert
Feedback on a successful migration from a PHP to a JavaScript stack using Node.
Vincent Desmares
Roger Jin
Bullish on Kubernetes and Rancher. Bearish on Docker and Mesos.
Benjamin Wootton
Instantly know whats broken and why. Real-time monitoring, alerting, analytics for production errors w/ Rollbar.
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Pedram Emrouznejad