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The New Stack
Google Cloud Platform Blog
Timothy Prickett Morgan
This ebook covers the benefits and risks of each option and a side-by-side comparison, including costs.
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..using Docker on an external volume.
Pēteris Ņikiforovs
The latest systemd can do per-service IP traffic accounting, plus access control for IP ranges.
Lennart Poettering
Austin Ouyang
Mark Boyd
How social network Nextdoor handle 2.5 billion daily events using AWS.
Nextdoor Engineering
Alex Williams
Microsoft Mechanics
The product manager of MongoDB’s Atlas hosted service explains how it was built on AWS.
Andrew Davidson
With modern frameworks, it arguably is.
Hacker News
Every container management system demands its own storage driver. The author argues that this is “pretty darn silly”.
Steven J.​ Vaughan-Nichols
Is your app easy to monitor in production? Many apps are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.
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Weighs in at only 12MB.