We’re solving truly complex distributed problems with significant infrastructure scale. If you enjoy challenging your grey matter, apply.
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In brief
Two-way programmatic text messaging is now possible on AWS.
Amazon Web Services
More Google services get per-second billing, though with a one minute minimum.
Jeff Barr
Learn how to work with a Dockerfile and which commands you can run, how to create a Dockerfile and pushing images to the Docker Hub.
Codeship   sponsored 
Prometheus is a monitoring and alerting tool and CrateDB is well suited for storing huge amounts of monitoring data.
Naomi Slater
Michael Herman
F# is a pretty awesome multi-paradigm language.
Phillip Carter
Justin Baker
The Universal Scalability Law models how systems perform as they grow. This ebook shows how to best use it.
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While millions lost electricity across Florida, data centers largely held firm.
James Glanz
TC Currie
Mark Thiele
Microsoft Mechanics
How Cloudflare use Prometheus for monitoring/alerts/metrics on a global-scale edge network.
Matt Bostock
Kim YoungJoo