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In brief
There have been conduct concerns over a prolific Node contributor.
Rudolf Olah
5 new vulnerabilities were found in the popular hypervisor.
The New Stack
Containers are revolutionizing the entire software lifecycle from proofs of concept through development, test, deployment, and support.
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Marcello Lins
Gerasimos Maropoulos
Gilbert Pellegrom
Aymen El Amri
Aymen El Amri
A look at using Terraform to improve productivity with AWS Lambda.
Payam Moghaddam
Péter Márton
Azat Mardan
Google Cloud Platform Blog
In this report we explore and definitively answer whether MySQL or PostgreSQL is truly faster than the other.
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Is IPv6 fragmentation a fixable problem in the DNS, and if so, how?
Geoff Huston
Jim Meehan
A ‘Container as a Service’ Platform based on openSUSE and Kubernetes.
Swapnil Bhartiya
GCP is supported out-of-the-box; other Cloud providers can be added easily.
Adam Tauber
Google Chrome Team