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In brief
Michelle Gienow
AWS is joining the Kubernetes DevOps group, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, as a platinum member.
Containers are revolutionizing the entire software lifecycle from proofs of concept through development, test, deployment, and support.
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Stripping out unused modules can have a surprising effect.
Hayden James
Using MySQL monitoring tool Monyog to measure key metrics.
Rob Gravelle
The Heroku command line interface started off, like many things do, in Ruby.
High Scalability
Gabriel Garrido Calvo
Changing URLs used by millions of users isn’t the easiest task.
Wix Engineering
A brief case-study on CleverTap’s evolving AWS environment.
Francis Pereira
API services and API security have come a long way, but Kin Lane argues that organizations still take too narrow a view of their APIs.
Kin Lane
Nikhil Garg
Get set up with our hosted Continuous Integration Platform in under 3 minutes. Join thousands of customers like InvisionApp & Whole Foods.
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Alexandre Salle
Slobodan Stojanovic