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In brief
Using Ruby? There’s an upgrade you need to do.
Lorne Kligerman
The New Stack
The commercial version of NGINX includes a new API mechanism and HTTP request mirroring.
There’s a new type of DDoS attack that consists of a series of short bursts in rapid succession - “pulse wave” attacks.
Imperva Incapsula   sponsored 
Run your own serverless analytics system with Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda functions.
Sebastian Müller
Mateo Burillo
Marcos Placona
The human aspects of collaborative front-end projects.
Jyri Tuulos
James Governor
Matt Rogish
Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Use promo code WEBOPS20 and get $20 credit.
Linode Cloud Hosting   sponsored 
SKA is an open-source access control system for SSH-based servers. Repo here.
Opera Software
..for in-house deployments. It’s a work in progress but the author assures me it’s ripe for testing.
NVIDIA Corporation