Go international as the VP of Engineering (RoR, Node.js) at Honestbee. Join the team and get paid relocation, local residency, etc.
In brief
A look at Google’s delay-controlled TCP flow control algorithm, called BBR.
Geoff Huston
The example uses the last octets of an IPv6 address to specify the correct database.
Donatas Abraitis
Seems a bit extreme but it’s not too difficult.
Ricky Han
Ev Kontsevoy
Kevin Burke
Ronny Lehmann
Automatically scale up and down to handle increased workloads and avoid wasting money on idle resources.
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Extremely low temperature computing is the next frontier for datacenters, it seems.
Timothy Prickett Morgan
How Uber uses Locality Sensitive Hashing on Apache Spark to detect fraudulent trips at scale.
Uber Engineering
Hayden James
How GitHub has revamped its DNS workflow.
Ross McFarland
Sachin Malhotra
Carlos Alexandro Becker
DockerCon 17
A look at what DevOps and site reliability engineers are thinking.
Overseer Engineering
See how Rollbar pairs perfectly with New Relic to give you greater coverage + much more insight into application errors.
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