In brief
An update to a survey of real-world container use.
Hetzner Online
React eschews the traditional MVC architecture, a counter-intuitive approach Brian explains along with JSX, React best practices, and the React component lifecycle.
Forward Courses   sponsored 
Michael Herman
An interesting and relatively complete approach to a Go web application deployment.
Naren Arya
Since Nginx 1.13, support has been added for TLSv1.3.
Mattias Geniar
Will Kahn-Greene
Zack Grossbart
Julia Evans
He hadn’t shared the story till now.
Tatu Ylonen
Wissam Abirached
A public postmortem shared for everyone to learn from.
Saltside Engineering
Nikrad Mahdi
Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko
Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Use promo code WEBOPS20 and get $20 credit.
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Essentially an email delivery platform you can run on your own servers.
aTech Media
Adnan Hajdarević