Work with a dynamic team and be responsible for reliability, scalability, performance, and automation capabilities of our core infrastructure.
Vox Media, Inc.​
In brief
It’s a lighter stack that all new Heroku apps will use from May.
If you’re a Reddit fan, check out this new sub-Reddit we’re working on.
.. with over 220,000 cores running at once.
Google Cloud Platform
Track app performance alongside metrics from your infrastructure. Troubleshoot latency issues with end-to-end tracing.
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There’s better ways to do this already built into HTTP.
C.​ McKenzie
Alex Gaynor
If your admin AWS credentials end up on GitHub, you won’t have a good time.
Walter Heck
Vadim Madison
Alexandr Nikitin
Get set up with our hosted Continuous Integration service in under 3 minutes. Join thousands of customers like InvisionApp & Whole Foods.
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André Rømcke
Docker’s CEO says wrapping older, monolithic apps in containers provides major benefits.
The New Stack
Benjamin Cane
Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world.