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The New Stack
Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Use promo code WEBOPS20 and get $20 credit.
linode   sponsored 
Evan Larsson
Austen Collins
Using Travis CI, GitHub, Better Code Hub, Docker, and Heroku.
Rob van der Leek
Why Poki is ditching PHP for Go but staying with MySQL over NoSQL.
Poki Engineering
Evaluating workloads in and out of Docker containers. An academic paper.
Santos, McLean, Solinas, and Hindle
DockerCon 17
The New Stack
The New Stack
Troubleshoot latency issues with end-to-end tracing, and alert on key metrics from 150+ components of your stack.
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A TCP proxy to simulate network conditions for chaos and resiliency testing.
Deploy functions instantly with one command with no containers to build.
Platform9 Systems