Harvest is a fun and growing distributed company trusted by well-known businesses around the world to keep track of time, invoices, and projects. We are looking for someone with 5+ years of experience to join our small team. Experience with Ansible, Chef, Docker, MySQL, Unicorn, and a sense of humor are indicative of a potentially great match.
In brief
Mattias Geniar
Sandstorm News
Defines a mechanism to instruct a user agent to upgrade insecure resource requests to a secure transport before fetching them.
A new file storage service for EC2 based around NFS. A key difference to EBS is that multiple EC2 instances can access a EFS file system at the same time.
Microsoft Azure Blog
Heitor Tashiro Sergent
Pascal Arnould
Mozilla Hacks
The popular peer-to-peer e-commerce site shares a report on their performance, including the results of rolling out HHVM for their internal API.
Code as Craft
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Evert Pot
Dropbox Developer Blog
Cachet HQ