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AWS Official Blog
Karl Dubost
Anand Mani Sankar
It’s amazing to see how smoothly these GIFs come out with the right settings.
Clement Boesch
Matasano Security
Cert Simple
An interesting tip if you’re tailing logs a lot.
Brian Storti
As browsers evolve so do best practices for page performance. Web developer Shefali Pandey gives a presentation on ways to improve performance over time.
Shefali Pandey
The Interactive Advertising Bureau is supporting the wide usage of HTTPS and sees advantages for third-party ad servers too.
Lots of deep technical details about how they structure their data and the big wins they get from MySQL and Redis.
High Scalability
Zoompf Web Performance
Written in Node.
Peter Müller
Binaries for Mac OS X and Linux, but it’s open source.
Tim Stack