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In brief
IPv6 is now dominant across four major US mobile networks: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T.
Mat Ford
Not cheap but the storage density will be interesting for datacenter use.
The latest commercial NGINX release includes the initial release of their ModSecurity 3-powered web application firewall (WAF).
Owen Garrett
5th in a series of building a game network protocol.
Glenn Fiedler
Boiler Room
Section 9.1.1 in RFC7540 explains how HTTP/2 clients can reuse connections. Here’s how this works in reality.
Daniel Stenberg
Brian Troutwine
Why does this feature have the potential to be revolutionary? M. Scott Ford from Corgibytes explains.
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Daniel Jacobson
A look at 5 things GitHub does to improve user security on the front-end.
“Names, addresses, phone numbers all retrievable with nothing more than an email address.”
Troy Hunt
Helena Zubkow and Mike Herchel
Before the Web, there was Gopher.
David Cassel
Niels-Ole Kühl
Nic Jansma
“When it comes to measuring the performance of websites, there isn’t a universally accepted metric.”
Obinwanne Hill
Lars Herrmann
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all software application errors.
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Reimplements commonly used features from ApacheBench (ab).
Sina Siadat