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In brief
Frederic Lardinois
Squarespace is a popular Web-based site building and hosting platform but now developers can work on templates locally.
Not very deep, but 55% use AWS and CloudFront is the most popular CDN.
The Macro
Learn how to use Docker to solve the problems of inconsistent environments on varying deployment targets and how to build an app to run inside an isolated Docker Container.
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Amy Armbrust
Ryan Kelly
When “Buy 1000 bare metal servers” is step one, you know it’s high level ;-)
Emmet O'Grady
Smashing Magazine
How various AWS services have been used to host a ‘fantasy movie league’ site.
Pete Johnson
Joab Jackson
Anne Currie
Scott Helme
Hacker News
Ben Rady
Intigua saves Ops teams countless hours of tedious work deploying, maintaining and fixing server tool agents
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Manage Lets Encrypt Certificates for a Kubernetes Cluster.
Kelsey Hightower
Can be used from numerous languages.
Eric R.​ Schulz