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Code in oceanside Santa Barbara and build the software that builds the world. Procore needs an Site Reliability Engineer to help lead our DevOps team. We believe in agile, test driven dev and emphasize collaboration and ownership.
Procore Technologies
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Allows you to support HTTP/2 and SPDY simultaneously, something standard NGINX doesn’t support.
Scott M.​ Fulton III
May 31st, 2016. The Chromium project will switch the negotiation protocol by which it decides whether to use HTTP/1.1 or the newer HTTP/2.
Mattias Geniar
A look at an interesting case of User Agent strings being used as a SQL injection vector on Web apps.
John Graham-Cumming
Paul Springett
Understand real world patterns and approaches in a live environment without any downloads or configuration.
Kevin Lingerfelt
Sanchit Gera
RailsConf 2016
Cliff Moon
“we got more than we asked for as Go servers use a third of the memory that our Node.js servers did”
DreamFactory auto-generates APIs from nearly any database, instantly. Out of the box support for V8js, Node.js, PHP, and Python for custom scripting.
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Piotr Mazurek
Johannes Weber
Michael Mrowetz
Filipe Ximenes
Previously known as the official Let’s Encrypt client, Certbot is an easy-to-use automatic client that fetches and deploys free SSL/TLS certificates for your web server.
Geoffrey Yefim Vedernikoff
NVIDIA Corporation