FreeAgent is changing the way freelancers and micro-businesses manage their company finances. Help us build our data platform that provides our business with insight into the behaviour of our customers.
Code in oceanside Santa Barbara and build the software that builds the world. Procore needs an Site Reliability Engineer to help lead our DevOps team. We believe in agile, test driven dev and emphasize collaboration and ownership.
Procore Technologies
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The New Stack
DreamFactory auto-generates APIs from nearly any database. This tutorial explains how to set up a Node.js integration using the new features of v2.1.2.
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This is a great, cheap way to get playing with Linux Containers.
Xavier Decuyper
Insights from an ex-Twitter infrastructure engineer and a look at linkerd, a proxy for cross-service communication.
Oliver Gould
In this free Codeship eBook you will learn how to use Docker to solve the problems of inconsistent environments on varying deployment targets and how to build an app to run inside an isolated Docker Container.
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Jason Mooberry
An academic paper about a Linux kernel module that allows real-time modification of congestion control params. Source here.
Miller and Hsiao
Hisham Muhammad
Run dockerized apps and manage hardware like one giant, efficient computer.
The New Stack