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In brief
Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
SSLv2 has been turned off by default in NGINX releases since 2009.
Marek Vavruša
Join the first ever Virtual Course for IT Ops to elevate your skills and site’s performance.
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High Scalability
Marvin Pinto
Eric Koslow
Clay Smith
Daniel Stenberg
Quite an in-depth look at what’s involved.
Eliezer Steinbock
Red Hat Developer Blog
How a popular mobile social networking service is working its IT platform.
The New Stack
Bosun is an open source monitoring and alerting system.
Kyle Brandt
Can be integrated into any existing workflow.
Jason Maurer
Mocks the new HTTP/2 interface to Apple’s push gateway.
Jude Pereira
Yaroslav Stavnichiy
Neglected apps become harder to maintain and upgrade. Sign up to CodeCare and get fixed price ongoing upgrades and improvements for your Ruby on Rails apps.
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