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In brief
It’s not one of ours, but run by RisingStack for anyone interested in microservices in particular.
The Register
The basics of how web APIs work, how to interact with them, and what to think about when building your own.
Launch School
The short and simple approach.
Marc Towler
Maciej Ceglowski
Dion Almaer
MemSQL Blog
If your company or team is living on Slack, this could be handy in many situations.
Pipe your app and server logs to TailTub. You get back a unique URL. Share the URL with others to view results in real-time.
Stephen Rhyne
Take the hassle out of ops and get your Rails app onto one of the world's most robust and stable Operations as a Service platforms. Our ops team supports your Rails app 24/7 from $1 per hour.
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