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The world of deployment, HTTP services, servers, and microservices is only getting more interesting over time, so we're looking forward to a fascinating 2016. We can't do it without you, so thanks for reading, and if you're able to encourage anyone else to join us, we'd really appreciate it - thanks!

Peter Cooper,
Your humble editor

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In brief
A look at how companies are switching from Solr to Elasticsearch behind the scenes for their internal search systems.
The Information
If you use Hetzner with certain boot images, you may have failed to get a unique SSH host key.
Join Codeship engineer Laura Frank in this free webinar where she gives an overview of the Docker ecosystem and about how Docker works. At the end you will know how to develop a web application with Docker containers.
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High Scalability
Parker Selbert
It supports both ‘Basic’ Authentication and manipulating the DOM to use a normal cookie-driven login mechanism.
Rick Viscomi
Tammy Everts
The popular tool for building and managing development environments using VMs.
Make a simple HTTP request (with curl, for example) to set up a basic monitor with e-mail alerts.
A Go-based web server that serves sites over HTTPS, automatically, using Let’s Encrypt.
Matt Holt
Amazon Web Services Labs