#​314 — April 28, 2021

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'Cryptocurrency Is An Abject Disaster' (or How Mining Is Hitting Free CI Services) — The author runs sourcehut, an open source forge, and has had to limit its free CI service to paid users only due to cryptocurrency miners abusing the service. LayerCI has also written about how crypto miners are killing free CI, and GitHub Actions has been experiencing problems too. Love or hate it, crypto is certainly exposing many negative externalities and unveiling some challenges to infrastructure providers.

Drew DeVault

Ten Best Practices for Remote Software Engineering — A lot of developers have been getting used to a ‘new normal’ over the past year with remote working going from a niche approach to mainstream. This is a pretty high level list of ‘best practices’ but it triggered an interesting Hacker News discussion covering things like coping with remote working with ADHD and working asynchronously.

Vanessa Sochat (ACM)

Remote Instructor-Led Go, Docker, Kubernetes & Python Training — We offer live-streaming remote training sessions for individual engineers and companies that want to augment their knowledge in Go, Docker, Kubernetes and Python. We’ve trained over 10,000 engineers via our carefully crafted classes.

Ardan Labs sponsor

Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Expert, Dies at 42 — A hugely admired and respected security expert known for his work on DNS cache poisoning and being a trusted community representative for the DNSSEC root has passed away. "If you are reading this obituary online, you owe your digital safety to him."

The Seattle Times

# Tutorials, Opinions and Stories  📖

'My Current HTML Boilerplate' — Every element used for a basic structure of a HTML document, with explanations why. Handy.

Manuel Matuzović

Starting a TypeScript Project in 2021 — A practical no-fluff guide to getting a TypeScript project started including (optionally) esbuild for bundling, linting, testing with Jest, publishing an npm package, and more.

Chris Hager

How GitHub Ships Code Faster and Safer with Feature Flags — Feature flags are used to ship faster and to lower the risk of deployments.

Alberto Gimeno (GitHub)

Book a Demo. Ship Fast. Rest Easy. LaunchDarkly — Testing in production is scary until it's not. Get control of your code to reduce risk & reclaim your nights and weekends.

LaunchDarkly sponsor

Using Asynchronous Web APIs from WebAssembly — Learn how to invoke asynchronous web APIs when compiling traditionally synchronous languages to WebAssembly.

Ingvar Stepanyan

7 Years of Open-Source Database Development: Lessons Learned — The developer of rqlite, a Go-powered, distributed SQLite-backed database system, has some high level reflections on what it’s like to work on such a project.

Philip O'Toole

Parsing Protobuf at 2+GB/s: How I Learned To Love Tail Calls in C — It’s still a brand new, edge feature but you can now get guaranteed tail calls in C and C++ with Clang.

Josh Haberman

S3's Durability Guarantees Aren't What You Think“S3 has [very] generous data durability guarantees. Even so, read the fine print, and you’ll realize that S3 doesn’t remove the need for backups.”

Corey Quinn

Why AWS Lambda Pricing Has to Change for the Enterprise — A comparison of the pricing models behind AWS Lambda, Fargate, and EC2, leading to a conclusion that Lambda’s pricing model needs to change if it’s to be considered a ‘no-brainer for enterprises.’

Eoin Shanaghy

How to Scale Prometheus (Hint: It’s Not Prometheus)

Lightstep sponsor

Using a Disk-Based Redis Clone to Reduce an AWS S3 Bill — They cached S3 using SSDB on their own servers.

Alan Hamlett (WakaTime)

Has UML Died Without Anyone Noticing?
Ernesto Garbarino

Five AWS Lambda Lessons Learned After 2 Billion Function Executions
Juan Jolainez

A Look at the Internals of QEMU
QEMU internals

# Code and Tools  🔧

supported by Okta

DRAKON: A Visual Language for Representing Algorithms — A visual language from the aerospace industry designed to make algorithms, processes, and procedures easier to comprehend and less ambiguous. It’s essentially a sort of restricted flowchart system and you can try it out here.


nbterm: Jupyter Notebooks in the Terminal — Jupyter notebooks are mostly known for being presented via Web-based interfaces, but this project opens up some neat opportunities at the terminal.

David Brochart

MarkShow: Create Slideshows From Markdown — The homepage is a fantastic little self demo.


DbGate: Another Database Desktop Client App — Built as an Electron app using Svelte as the underlying framework, this is a pretty elegant cross platform open source client for MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and MongoDB. Beekeeper Studio and TablePlus are other worthy alternatives in this space.

Jan Prochazka

karmada: Open, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Orchestration — If you’re brave or big enough to be thinking multi-cloud..

Karmada Project

Introducing EventBridge Atlas — A new tool to help engineers find, document and explore AWS EventBridge Schemas.

David Boyne

sx: Fast, Modern, Easy-to-Use Network Scanner — Handles ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP scans and more.



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