Hurrah, it's issue 312 — April 14, 2021

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Introducing OpenSearch: AWS's Fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana — Back in January, Elastic announced a contentious licensing change to its Elasticsearch and Kibana projects, and Amazon decided to fork them into its own ‘community driven’ project, now called OpenSearch.

Amazon Web Services

'Nobody Cares About the Operating System Anymore' — The most interesting opinion pieces come from people explaining things that are in plain sight but that you just didn’t notice yet. So it goes with Corey noticing that we’re rapidly entering a ‘post-OS world’ and maybe even a ‘post-processor architecture’ one too.

Corey Quinn

[Guide] The Truth About Developer Productivity Metrics — Can developer productivity be measured with metrics? Yes, but there is such a thing as good and bad metrics. Here's what you need to know to avoid weaponizing metrics for performance reviews, and use them to improve software delivery process instead.

Sleuth sponsor

Deno 1.9 Released — Deno is a server-side JavaScript/TypeScript runtime created by the original creator of Node.js. Compared to Node, it's more security focused, uses ES modules, and adopts a lot of browser-based APIs. The latest release adds a native HTTP/2-compliant Web server, support for blob and data URLs (working much like it does in browsers) and more. It's an ecosystem worth checking out and this Hacker News discussion has more.

The Deno Team

How GitHub Scaled Its API with a Replicated Redis-Powered Rate Limiter — GitHub’s old Memcached-based rate limiter was simple but running into problems. Here’s how Redis plus some Lua scripting came to the rescue.

Robert Mosolgo (GitHub)

# Tutorials, Opinions and Stories  📖

Creating Security Decision Trees with Graphviz — A walk through creating a decision tree for pragmatic threat modeling using the Graphviz graph tool (with an AWS S3 bucket containing sensitive data as an example).

Kelly Shortridge

Is Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL or Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL a Better Choice for Me? — I think there’s a lot of confusion about when Aurora or straight RDS suit the situation. Here, Amazon attempts to clarify things.

Vivek Singh and Sagar Patel (AWS)

All-Star Lineup at PulumiUP - Grab Your Spot — A two-hour virtual event about cloud engineering, cloud infrastructure management, and building modern applications.

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How to Password Protect a Site with Cloudflare Workers — A demonstration of using Cloudflare Workers to add Basic HTTP authentication to sites even if they are hosted on a service like Vercel or Netlify.

Florian Kapfenberger

The Healing Power of JavaScript — This isn’t really about JavaScript per se, but more about how Craig Mod, a popular writer and photographer, finds coding to be a “therapy, an escape and a path to hope in a troubled world.” We could all do with more of that.

Craig Mod

'Go is a Great Programming Language'”..despite my criticisms of it, Go remains one of the best programming languages I’ve ever used, and I have a great deal of respect for it”.

Drew DeVault

The Fundamentals of Docker Image Tags — An exploration of Docker tags and the benefits, risks, and mechanics for pinning to digests to regain control of your builds.

James Carnegie

Commits Are Snapshots, Not Diffs

Derrick Stolee (GitHub)

How Cloudflare Handles a Zero Day Vulnerability

News about a zero-day Chrome vulnerability hit Hacker News yesterday and someone asked how platforms like Cloudflare Workers deal with such problems given they heavily rely on V8. Beautifully, the tech lead for Cloudflare Workers was reading the thread and replied:

"Within an hour of V8 pushing the fix for this, our build automation alerted me that it had picked up the patch and built a new release of the Workers Runtime for us. I clicked a button to start rolling it out.

After quick one-click approvals from EM and SRE, the release went to canary. After running there for a short time to verify no problems, I clicked to roll it out world-wide, which is in progress now. It will be everywhere within a couple hours. Rolling out an update like this causes no visible impact to customers."

Kenton Varda (Tech Lead for Cloudflare Workers)

Now that's how to do it.

# Code and Tools  🔧

Ledokku: A Web UI for All Things Dokku — A Web-based interface for Dokku, a Heroku-inspired open source PaaS system.

ledokku team

SQLean: All the 'Missing' SQLite Functions — It’s bold to suggest SQLite is ‘missing’ things, but this interesting project adds a variety of new bits and pieces including string, math, and statistical functions.

Anton Zhiyanov

Book a Demo. Ship Fast. Rest Easy. LaunchDarkly

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Electron Boilerplate 9.0: A Boilerplate for Building Electron Apps — All the dependencies have been brought up to date and this bring some structure and dependencies to your Electron development party.

Jakub Szwacz


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