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In brief
Ronan Cremin on Twitter
PHP 7.0 RC2 has just been released and its performance is catching up with HHVM.
Michael Larabel
Ars Technica
“TL;DR I need a configuration for my NGINX server that has the latest in SSL/TLS support”
I, Moses
An academic paper
Masaryk University
Input Is Evil
Due to differences in PNG decoder/encoder implementations, it’s possible to provide malformed PNGs to sites and guess what technologies they’re using by the responses.
Dominique Bongard
Find out why ANTS Performance Profiler is the ultimate .NET profiler in a new online adventure. Read it now
Red Gate Sotware   sponsored 
The core gnatsd server is written in Go, and Apcera maintains official clients for Go, Node, and Ruby.
NAXSI stands for ‘Nginx Anti XSS and SQL Injection’ - it’s a third party NGINX module that acts as a web application firewall with simply defined rules.
NBS System
Auke Willem Oosterhoff