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Microsoft is announcing the end-of-support of the RC4 cipher in Edge and IE 11 with it disabled by default in 2016.
So you’re reviewing a packet capture and you come across the TCP headers with the URG or PSH flags set. Have you ever wondered what they mean?
Roman Kurjewicz
Ben Wilber
There’s more to know about DNS besides the fact that it’s important to your website infrastructure, like how and why the quality of a DNS resolution impacts user experiences. Download our eBook for tips and strategies to improve DNS performance.
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“the ‘goodness’ of HTTP/2 should make up for the overhead of TLS and then some in most cases”
The Akamai Blog
A case study.
Some insights into mobile TCP optimization at the telecoms provider level.
Juho Snellman
Advanced Web Machinery
Raymond CC
Owen Williams tests an early stage ad blocker for iOS Safari to see how it impacts page load times.
The Next Web
Deploy anywhere with ease using Dockerfile, Docker Image, or 12 Factor Buildpacks. 100% Open Source.
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A browser-based security and configuration scanner that can detect hundreds of threats on your account.
OWASP Foundation