#292 — November 11, 2020

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.NET 5.0 Released — Even if you’re not in the .NET space, .NET 5.0 is a significant release as it essentially brings the .NET Core and legacy .NET families together under one roof. It introduces C# 9, F# 5, and features significant performance increases and latency reductions. Arm64 and WebAssembly are now also included within the platform’s scope.


Insights on Rust vs Go — Written by a Go fan but one who thinks Rust and Go are awesome and who takes a careful look at where each independently makes the most sense. Notably several people from the Go and Rust spaces reviewed this piece too.

John Arundel

🚀 Promscale - New Open-Source Analytical Platform for Prometheus — Promscale combines the power of SQL and PromQL with a rock-solid relational database, enabling complex analysis on real-time and historical Prometheus metrics. ✅ Learn how it works, see sample queries, and get up and running in <5 mins.

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Let's Encrypt Preparing to Rely Solely On Its Own Root CertificateLet’s Encrypt had to have a big bit of help from IdenTrust and their root certificate when they got started but now they’re ready to rely solely on their own. This has some implications for older clients and Android devices in particular. There are some changes and mitigations coming which site owners should be aware of.

Jacob Hoffman-Andrews (Let's Encrypt)

Apple Unveils M1, Its System-on-a-Chip for Mac Computers — Apple has unveiled its first ARM-based ‘Apple Silicon’ Macs (the Air, 13” Pro and Mini) built around a chip called the M1. Dev reactions have been mixed with a 16GB memory limit notable to those heavily using VMs or Docker. The perf and efficiency improvements seem good and many developers are sure to adopt these systems in due course. Want a more technical writeup? AnandTech has one.

Zac Hall (9to5Mac)

DuckDB: The Little OLAP Database That CouldDuckDB is a local, in-process OLAP database system getting a lot of love from numerous folks lately. Here, the author takes it for a spin and shares some TPC-DS benchmark results before calling it a ‘hummingbird of databases - small and fast’.

Martin Milewicz

  • A version of the GitHub Enterprise source code leaked last week, but GitHub's CEO reassures us that everything is fine and it was not the result of a hack.
  • 🇪🇺 Never keen to leave well alone, the EU are now a few steps closer to blocking end-to-end encryption in apps like WhatsApp or Signal. This is still just planning and not legislation. Yet.
  • 66% of organizations with over 1000 employees rely on Java, apparently.

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Find Your Next Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

Technical Debt As A Lack of Understanding — Even if you know what technical debt feels like within a project or organization, it can be hard to objectively describe it.

Dave Rupert

Managing My Personal Server in 2020 with K3s Lightweight Kubernetes — This goes into a lot more detail than you might expect.

Erèbe - Romain Gerard

Why Not Use GraphQL? — The Hacker News thread about this post takes, unsurprisingly, a more cynical view of GraphQL vs REST.

Jens Neuse

OpenTelemetry 101 Technical Guide

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How to Analyze a Postgres Crash Dump File — We really hope you’ll never have to do this, but if you do end up with a core dump from running Postgres, these tips might help you navigate it.

Cary Huang

Web Scraping That 'Just Works' with OpenFaaS with Puppeteer — Puppeteer provides an easy way to remote control a headless Chrome browser from JavaScript code, including serverless functions built on OpenFaaS, an open serverless platform built on Kubernetes.

OpenFaaS Ltd

Stack Videos Horizontally and Vertically in a Grid with FFmpeg — I will never tire at seeing people twist FFmpeg into doing neat stuff with videos.

Akshay Rajeev

▶  Optimizing for Maintainability with Joe Emison — Joe is the CTO of Branch, an insurance company, and this episode of Serverless Chats digs more into organizational issues around maintainability, stakeholder trust, and how Branch builds its software. Oh, and they’re fully serverless too.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Deprecating scp — More so a protocol behind it than the tool itself.

Jonathan Corbet (LWN)

Travis CI's New Pricing Plan Threw A Wrench in My Open Source Works
Jeff Geerling

The Origins of the `youtube-dl` Project
Ricardo Garcia

How Facebook Was Used as a Proxy by Web Scraping Bots

🛠 Code and Tools

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Dog: A New Command-Line DNS Client — We had nslookup, we got dig, but now we’ve got dog too.. and it’s really neat. I’m very much here for common command line tools being ‘rethought’ and modernized in Rust.

Benjamin Sago

Uno Platform: 'Pixel Perfect' Apps with C# Across Platforms — A C# and WinUI-based UI platform for developers who want to target almost everything: Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. This project inspired a very busy discussion on Hacker News.

Uno Platform

See How Moesif API Observability Can Help You Ship Better APIs

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Amazon CloudWatch Launches Metrics Explorer — A tag-based dashboard for AWS users to filter, aggregate, and visualize operational health and performance metrics by tags.

Amazon Web Services

Mutt 2.0: A Text Based Email Client for Unix Systems — Comes a mere 21 years after the release of Mutt 1.0! If plain text email is where you want to be, Mutt remains a good option. And, good news, we’ve updated our plain text templates so this newsletter will now look better on Mutt than ever before :-)

Mutt Project

n8n.io: Open Workflow Automation System — A self-proclaimed “open source alternative for Zapier”. Basically you can connect together various services and APIs in a visual way, perform intermediate steps, etc.


SpanTree: Adds Tree-Based File Navigation to GitLab — A browser extension you may find useful if you browse GitLab-hosted repositories often.

Taveesh Anand

nb: A Command Line Note-Taking, Bookmarking, Archiving, and Knowledge Base App — Features encryption, filter/search, import/export in many doc formats, Git-based versioning, customizable color themes, extensibility via plugins, and more. Impressively entirely written in bash(!)

William Melody