#290 — October 28, 2020

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RIAA Files a DMCA Takedown Against youtube-dlyoutube-dl is a popular tool for downloading videos (or just audio) from YouTube, but the Recording Industry Association of America aren’t happy at it being used to pirate music, despite all of its legitimate use cases. GitHub has to comply with the request, although its CEO is sympathetic to developers. Others feel there’s no DMCA infringement or that we need to move away from the centralization of services like GitHub.


Amazon SNS FIFO: First-In-First-Out Pub/Sub Messaging — SNS is an ideal service to use if you need pub/sub message delivery on AWS but there’s never been any guarantee that messages will turn up in the order they’re sent. Now, however, you can use SNS FIFO topics to maintain consistency in message sequence and without pesky duplicates.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Reduce MTTR by Linking Dashboards Directly to Your Logs — New Relic forwards logs straight from the agent for aggregation, live tailing and dashboard correlation. Simplify your logging story with a single platform that unites your data with context. That’s observability, that’s New Relic One.

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How You Could Have Come Up with Paxos Yourself — As well as being a Greek island, Paxos is a family of consensus protocols and algorithms used to achieve consensus amongst a distributed set of systems connected via a network. It’s used by systems as diverse as Google Spanner, Neo4j, Cassandra, and AWS ECS. It’s also famously tricky to understand, so this article attempts to recreate it from basic principles.

Explain Algorithms

  • FOSDEM, the hugely popular software developer event, is looking for proposals for FOSDEM 2021 which will be taking place online.
  • AWS Budgets Actions lets you reduce unintentional overspending on AWS.
  • Do you believe AWS's Route 53 DNS service can also be a database? If so, you'll like this t-shirt with which Corey Quinn is raising money for charity.
  • The Bytecode Alliance is am industry group dedicated to advancing the use of, mostly, WebAssembly, and it's a year old – here's an update including that Fastly has taken on the Wasmtime team that used to work at Mozilla and merged them with their own Lucet team.
  • AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) is now being offered on Amazon's own ARM-based Graviton 2 processors. More ARM in the datacenter? Yes please.
  • Most of Facebook's traffic is now using QUIC and HTTP/3.

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Find Your Next Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

Vespa vs. Elasticsearch for Matching Millions of People — As a dating app, OKCupid has a lot of data on its hands and being able to match up the right people with the right other people is a serious data problem. This post digs into how they considered both Elasticsearch and Vespa for their usecase.

OkCupid Engineering Blog

Text Layout is a Loose Hierarchy of Segmentation — Enjoy technical posts where the author knows what they’re talking about? This one covers the complexities of text layout.

Raph Levien

Infographic: 15 Top Metrics Developers Should Be Tracking — Know what API metrics top companies are tracking to build and ship better products.

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Let's Peek: A Tale of Finding "Waypoint" — Last week we featured Waypoint, a new build and deploy system from Hashicorp, but before it was unveiled one person outside of Hashicorp knew what it would be called.. thanks to certificate transparency!

Caius Durling

Build a Serverless Twitter Dashboard using DynamoDB, API Gateway and Highcharts — An example of working directly between API Gateway and DynamoDB without a Lambda function sat in between.

Victor Grenu

100G Networking in AWS, A Network Performance Deep Dive“All in all, it’s pretty cool to be able to do 100G on AWS. As long as you are aware of the various limitations, which unfortunately aren’t well documented.”

Andree Toonk

'Type in The Exact Number of Machines to Proceed'“My request is simple enough: if you’re going to generate a confirmation prompt as a sanity check, don’t make it a Y/N type of thing. Instead, ask them to read a number and plug it back in.”

Rachel Kroll

What Was BeOS, and Why Did People Love It? — BeOS was a new operating system released in the mid 90s that introduced a lot of new ideas but, sadly, didn’t quite ‘make it’.

Ben J Edwards

“The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our thinking habits, and, therefore, on our thinking abilities.”

Edsger W. Dijkstra

▶  The Pragmatic Programmer, 20 Years Later — Dave Thomas (of The Pragmatic Programmer and Pragmatic Bookshelf fame) reflects on the development of a new edition 20 years on from the original.

Dave Thomas

How to Prepare for the Coming CPU Confusion — The ‘coming of ARM’ is leading to a ‘big shake-up’ claims the author.

Mike Roberts

'How a One Line Change Decreased Our Build Times by 99%' — A slightly clickbaity title but worth considering if you have gigantic repos and you don’t care about every ref.

Pinterest Engineering

Basic Ways to Improve Your Debugging Strategies
Chelsea Troy

Building an Evernote to SQLite Exporter
Simon Willison

A Simple Way to Docker On Windows 10 Home with WSL 2
Ivan Borshchov

How Hacker News Crushed David Walsh's Blog
Todd Gardner

🛠 Code and Tools

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SpeedScope: 🔬 An Interactive Web-Based Viewer for Performance Profiles — You can use it on the Web, or run it locally from the source. You can ingest numerous formats including profiling output from Node, browsers, Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, and elsewhere.

Jamie Wong

git-retext: A Tool to Rewrite git Commits — What if you could just edit a diff in-place and have that applied to a commit? With this, you can.

Dan Aloni

which.nameserve.rs: See Which DNS Servers You're Using — One of those quick online tools you might come back to from time to time. This one tells you which DNS servers you’re using and it uses a neat approach to get that info in real time.


CodeFix - Automatically Clean Up Technical Debt

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Austin TUI: A Text-Based UI for a Python Profiler — Got running Python code to profile or debug? This is an attractive option. py-spy is another alternative in this space.

Gabriele N. Tornetta

Hoppscotch: A Free HTTP API Request Builder — Formerly known as Postwoman. GitHub repo.

Liyas Thomas et al.

100,000+ Books in Plain Text Format — This is targeted at people with machine learning use cases but could be ideal as a dataset for all sorts of things. It’s a 37GB download though. There’s also a 100GB file containing source code for similar purposes. It’s all explained in more detail here.

Shawn Presser on Twitter

Notes for People Learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and NTLK — Notes and solutions to complement the official NLTK book.

Robert Hensley

Docker v2 Github Action is Now GA
Docker Inc.

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