#285 — September 23, 2020

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The Era of Visual Studio Code? — Visual Studio Code (a.k.a. VS Code) is a popular code editor and IDE released by Microsoft five years ago and which seems to have taken over numerous developer communities by storm since then (it always polls as #1 in the JavaScript space, for example).

Roben Kleene

GitHub CLI 1.0: Take GitHub to the Terminal — The aim is to reduce context switching and to help you script and create your own workflows all from the terminal.


Remote Instructor-Led Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, & Python Training — We offer live-streaming remote training sessions for individual engineers and companies that want to augment their knowledge in Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Python. We’ve trained over 10,000 engineers via our carefully crafted classes.

ArdanLabs sponsor

Unveiling Swift for WindowsSwift, a language most commonly associated with Apple and macOS or iOS development, has been heading to different places recently (such as server side development) and now Swift code can be built and run on Windows too.

Saleem Abdulrasool

GitHub's Default Branch Name Changing from 'master' to 'main' — Some guidance around the forthcoming changing of the default branch name for GitHub repositories. Existing repos are not affected, but from October 1, 2020, any new repos you create will use main as the default branch instead of master unless you opt out.


A Picture of Java in 2020 — We don’t have a newsletter about it, curiously, but Java is undoubtedly a hugely popular language in numerous spaces and this year it became 25 years old. This post looks at the demographic state of Java, where its developers live, what it gets used for, and more.

Valeriia Karpenko (JetBrains)

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💻 Jobs

Devops Engineer (Full time / Full Remote) — We're looking for a devops to join our fast-growing, well-funded company that makes thousand of African fashion designers happy.

Afrikrea Platform

Find a Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

How to Visualize Data Structures in VS Code — VSCode Debug Visualizer is a handy extension for visualizing data structures. JS gets the best support, but there’s ‘rudimentary support’ for Go, Java, C++, Rust, and others. (Yes, we've mentioned this tool before but Addy does a great job of showing it off here.)

Addy Osmani

How Do I Remove The First 300 Million Lines of a 700GB Text File with Only 1TB Disk Space? — This has ‘whiteboard question’ vibes all over it, but it’s an interesting puzzle to ponder nonetheless. Hacker News presented some approaches too.

Kris X

Under Deconstruction: The State of Shopify’s Monolith — This is a long post about the status of Shopify’s move to modularity with some wonderful lessons learned and insights on how they got here and where they are going based on what they’ve learnt.

Shopify Engineering

Ask HN: How Do I Learn to Write Better Code? — Some useful advice in this Hacker News discussion.

Hacker News

The Security-As-Code Platform for Developers — Codify your cloud security in run-time and build-time with Bridgecrew’s developer-first platform. Sign up for free.

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Sending Discord Notifications using CloudWatch Alarms, SNS and AWS Lambda — How to send a notification to a Discord Channel when a CloudWatch alarm is triggered.

Daniel Da Costa

Hacking Ethernet Out of Fibre Channel Cards — One of my favorite technologists is back with a niche but interesting tale of resurrecting a random network card from a job lot of 350 he bought off eBay. BRB, I’m off to eBay..

Ben Cox

No, Moving Your SSH Port Isn't 'Security by Obscurity'

Daniel Miessler

▶  Discussing Twitter Search with Nico Tonozzi — A discussion about how Twitter handles the high volume of information and throughput it has when it comes to managing its search service and indexes.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

How I Bypassed Cloudflare's SQL Injection Filter — .. and got a t-shirt to boot.

George Skouroupathis

Git Internals: Learn by Building Your Own Git (in Python)

Nikita Leshenko

🛠 Code and Tools

Blacklight: A Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector — Given a URL, Blacklight scans for and reveals specific user-tracking technologies on the site and who’s getting that data.

Surya Mattu

PostgreSQL 13 Release Candidate 1 Released — Postgres 13 is shaping up to be a huge release for the open source relational database – so it’s great to see it close to completion with this first RC. The draft release notes cover the essentials.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

libcu++: NVIDIA's C++ Standard Library for Your Entire System — Provides a heterogeneous implementation of the C++ Standard Library that can be used in and between CPU and GPU code.

NVIDIA Corporation

Start Protecting Your Web Apps, APIs, and Microservices for Free

Sqreen sponsor

A Battleships Game, Implemented with Postgres — Want to see SQL taken to the next level with a working game running within Postgres? Interesting stuff here, complete with a creative way of taking player input. There's an article about it too, if you can read Russian.


A Database for Every REPL on Repl.itRepl.it is an online tool for writing (and even running) code in an in-browser IDE. Now, they’ve added their own key/value store into the mix which is usable from their Python, Node.js and Go REPLs.


DuckDB: An Embeddable SQL OLAP Database System — Built in C++, DuckDB bills itself (geddit?) as ‘SQLite for Analytics’ and has bindings for C/C++, Python, and R. It fills in some useful use cases.

CWI Database Architectures Group