#283 — September 9, 2020

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The GitHub ReadME Project: Meet The People Behind The Projects You Love — GitHub’s new ReadME Project is essentially a Web publication designed to shine a spotlight on open source maintainers and developers. The initial set of stories is pretty good, covering a developer from South Sudan who moved to Kenya, the creator of OpenFaas, how an ImageMagick maintainer balances ImageMagick and his job, and more.


AVIF Has Landed: A New Image Format for the Web — A deep dive into all of the benefits of the AVIF image format, with plenty of visual examples, and details on the techniques and codecs behind the tech. Support is currently limited but likely to follow quickly and it’s possible to use AVIF at the same time as more established formats.

Jake Archibald

Remote Instructor-Led Go, Docker, Kubernetes, & Python Training — We offer live-streaming remote training sessions for individual engineers and companies that want to augment their knowledge in Go, Docker, Kubernetes, and Python. We’ve trained over 5,000 engineers via our carefully crafted classes.

Ardan Labs sponsor

Google Cloud API Gateway Now in Public Beta — A new fully-managed Google Cloud service for creating, securing and monitoring APIs for serverless workloads - built on top of Envoy. Think GCP’s answer to AWS API Gateway.

Google Cloud Blog

If Everyone Hates It, Why Is OOP Still So Widely Spread? — Object oriented programming has been wildly successful. But was its success just a coincidence? And can it still offer something unique in 2020 that other programming paradigms cannot?

Medi Madelen Gwosdz

BitTorrent v2: It's Here, Sort Of — The next major version of BitTorrent was specified a few years ago but now libtorrent-2.0 has been released with support for it. It transitions away from SHA-1 to a new non-backwards compatible hash function and better supports breaking up a torrent into distinct files for more efficient transfers. Will most BitTorrent clients remain using v1.0 for the foreseeable future? Yes.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

▶  What Comes After Open Source? — The creator of The Open Source Definition and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative reflects on what ‘open source’ has come to mean and why it might be time to move forward with a new paradigm.

Bruce Perens

The UNIX who Command and Reimplementing It — A look at where who gets its data and how you can directly get it yourself.

Gauthier Jolly

▶  A Look 'Behind the Code' of the Konami Code in Contra — In the NES version of the 80s game Contra you could use the famous ‘Konami code’ (a combination of directional and button presses) to get extra lives. Here’s how it was implemented under the hood.

Displaced Gamers

How To: Automatic SSL Certificates for Internal IPs via LetsEncrypt — A look at an alternative to using self-signed certificates for internal use cases (MicroK8s in this case, but the principle works for other things too).

Aurimas Niekis

Sqreen: Application Security Management (Free 14-Day Trial) — Deploy Sqreen in under 5 minutes to protect your web apps against data breaches and get actionable insights into threats.

Sqreen sponsor

Mining for Logic Bugs in the Citus Extension to Postgres with SQLancer — One of those things you’re unlikely to need to do, but it’s nice to know how such problems are approached. SQLancer is a tool we’ve linked to before that helps you detect logic-related bugs in database systems.

Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu

The Impostor's Advantage — A Stripe developer who previously worked at both Google and Microsoft shares a fable, of sorts, about his experiences with imposter syndrome and how he moved forward from it.

Zain Rizvi

AWS Tagging Best Practices: Using Terraform and CloudFormation to Enforce Tags

Karl Hughes

Comparing Data in Google and Netlify Analytics — An interesting look at how the differing approaches of Google Analytics and Netlify Analytics don’t just differ on the margins but can tell very different stories altogether.

Jim Nielsen

Manipulating GitHub Wiki Data with Azure Functions

Kóredé Bashir

On Finally Learning to Program at the Age of 40


Ask HN: What Is Your Favorite Method of Sending Large Files? — Hacker News tackles the seemingly never entirely solved problem of sending large files online and, unsurprisingly, there are a lot of opinions.

Hacker News

🛠 Code and Tools

Workflows Beta: A New Google Cloud Service — Workflows provides serverless workflow orchestration of Google Cloud products and any HTTP-based APIs, including private endpoints and SaaS, with a pay as you go model.

Google Cloud

GitDuck: Pair Programming with JetBrains IDEs — An interesting development from JetBrains (the IDE folks) that aims to let you do pair programming across IDEs (and not just JetBrains’ ones) including VS Code and Android Studio.


FusionAuth Now Offers Breached Password Detection and LDAP Integration

FusionAuth sponsor

ngrok for VSCode: Public URLs for Local Dev Serversngrok is a popular service and project for opening up a secure tunnel to local dev servers for testing, etc. This lets you control it from VS Code.

Phil Nash

Linux From Scratch 10.0 — Linux From Scratch (LFS) provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own custom Linux system from source code. One for a long weekend, perhaps.

Bruce Dubbs

NativeScript 7.0: Create Native iOS and Android Apps with JS — A signficant step forward for the framework by aligning with modern JS standards and bringing broad consistency across the whole stack. Supports Angular, Vue, and you can even use TypeScript if you prefer.


FixCache: A GitHub App That Keeps Track of Bug-Prone Files From Commit History — An implementation of an idea from this academic paper about predicting the most fault prone ‘entities’ or files within a project.

Aavash Shrestha

k8syaml: A Kubernetes YAML Generator