#278 — August 5, 2020

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How Dropbox Migrated From Nginx to Envoy — Two Dropbox engineers look at Dropbox’s old Nginx-based infrastructure, its pain points, and why they migrated to Envoy, another open source service proxy.

Alexey Ivanov and Oleg Guba

Apple Tells Devs to Use IPv6 As It's '1.4 Times Faster' Than IPv4 — Apple holds a lot of sway with what technologies developers use (e.g. Steve Jobs stance on Flash) so it’s interesting to see them pushing IPv6, HTTP/2, and TLS 1.3 hard. Improved routing and reduced NAT usage is cited for the ‘1.4 times faster’ claim around connection setup times.

Catalin Cimpanu (ZDNet)

Security Engineer’s First 90 Days Checklist — Prioritize your security efforts, implement the right security processes and develop a security culture in your company.

Sqreen sponsor

Using a Game Engine (Godot) to Create Advanced GUIsGodot is best known as being a graphical game engine but could it also prove useful for building more typical desktop apps? Erik explains why he thinks it could.

Erik Engheim

Tech Sector Feeling COVID-19’s Economic Pain — I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed experiences myself, but Indeed believes competition for tech jobs (including software development roles) is up and demand is lagging behind other sectors.

AnnElizabeth Konkel (Indeed)

Speculation in JavaScriptCore (or How Modern JS Engines Run Fast) — A long, technical post about speculative compilation and how it makes a dynamic language like JavaScript a lot faster than it might otherwise be (or was, pre V8!) You’ll need some experience with how compilation works to get much out of this, but if you want to know how modern JavaScript VMs can run JavaScript so quickly, it’s an epic resource.

Filip Pizlo (WebKit)

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One Application, Hundreds of Hiring Managers — Use Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

A SQL Style Guide — A handy SQL style guide to ensure legible and maintainable queries.

Simon Holywell

Ten Modern Layouts in One Line of CSS — A look at how a few powerful lines of CSS can do some serious heavy lifting and help you build robust modern layouts.

Una Kravets

Getting Started with Contributing to Open Source — The topic of just how to get started contributing to open source projects isn’t covered as much as you might think, and this guide could help set you off in the right direction.

Zara Cooper

CYPEX: A New Low Code Application Development Tool for PostgreSQL — CYPEX enables application development in no time. You can build interactive forms, in real-time and with low code.

CYBERTEC sponsor

Migrating a 40TB SQL Server Database — A database administrator at Stack Overflow tells the tale of migrating over four years of traffic data (totalling almost 40TB) from one schema to another. This raises more questions than it answers (one being, why are they storing several years of traffic data in a live, relational database?) but it’s a neat writeup nonetheless.

Taryn Pratt

Eliminating Cold Starts with Cloudflare Workers — No one likes cold starts – that delay when a function isn’t loaded, in memory, and ready to run. But Cloudflare thinks they have an optimization to eradicate them.. load the worker first thing during TLS negotiation. This only works because Workers’ load time is low in the first place, though.


A Massive Memory Leak — Unlike many stories on The Daily WTF, this one wasn’t the result of anyone’s stupidity, but instead in how Windows and C# behave when rapidly spitting out UDP packets.

Remy Porter

Comparing Go and Rust for Writing a CLI Tool — A developer, unfamiliar with both Go and Rust, decided to write an app in both and compared his experiences. It’s not deep but it’s quite balanced and he found good reasons to use both languages.

Paulo Henrique Cuchi

Changes to SameSite Cookie Behavior – A Call to Action for Web Developers — Browsers are changing the default value of the SameSite attribute for cookies from None to Lax. This will greatly improve security for users, but could cause problems with some sites.

Mozilla Hacks

What I Learned from Doing 60+ Technical Interviews in 30 Days — From the applicant’s point of view.

Uduak Obong-Eren

5 Arguments to Make Managers Care About Technical Debt

Nicolas Carlo

🛠 Code and Tools

A Calculator to See If Serverless is Cheaper For Your Use Case — An introduction to a calculator hosted on Google Sheets that lets you plug in a variety of variables like sessions per day, usage type, database use, etc. and then give you a rough idea of costs across various AWS services.

Xavier Lefèvre

MongoDB 4.4 Released — The latest version of the perennially popular document oriented database is here. It’s not as big a release as 4.0 or 4.2 were, but improvements have been made to aggregations and querying, connection monitoring and pooling, and new official drivers for Rust and Swift.

MongoDB Inc.

Compromised Password? FusionAuth Now Offers Password Breach Detection

FusionAuth sponsor

WordSafety: Check a Name for Unwanted Meanings in Other Languages — This is a neat idea. Rather than name your next project something that offends half of a continent, run it through this to pick up any glaring issues.

Pauli Olavi Ojala

GOMP (Git COMPare): A Tool for Comparing Branches — Used by its creators “as both a daily tool for handling commits and merges and as a powerful way to visualize complex histories while preparing releases.”


SIMD Everywhere: Implementations of SIMD Instruction Sets for Systems Which Don't Natively Support Them — Fast, portable implementations of SIMD intrinsics on hardware which doesn’t natively support them, such as calling SSE functions on ARM.

SIMD Everywhere

JSON Schema Store: Schemas for All Commonly Known JSON File Formats


⚡️ Quick releases:

  • Nano 5.0 — The popular simple Unix text editor.
  • Julia 1.5 — High performance, dynamically typed language.
  • Mastodon 3.2 — Federated social app.
  • Django 3.1 — Python-based Web application framework.
  • Alacritty 0.5 — Simplicity-focused terminal emulator.