#272 — June 24, 2020

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Apple Switching Macs to Its Own Processors — In the opening session of this year’s online-only WWDC, Apple revealed that they’re dropping x86 and moving to their own ARM-based silicon starting later this year. In other WWDC news, macOS 11 Big Sur was announced which means the true end of OS X and a new design language. Even if you're not interested in the Mac space at all, this development could shake things up a lot, right down to how different languages approach ARM as a key compilation target.

Tom Warren (The Verge)

How One Developer Passed $100K/yr on GitHub Sponsors — GitHub’s Sponsors program has opened up an interesting new funding model for many open source developers. Of course, not everyone can do it to this level, but it’s an inspirational story and Caleb shares lots of useful points, particularly if you want to fund your own work this way too.

Caleb Porzio

Remote Instructor-Lead Go, Docker, Kubernetes, & Python Training — We offer live-streaming remote training sessions for individual engineers and companies that want to augment their knowledge in Go, Docker, Kubernetes, and Python. We’ve trained over 5,000 engineers via our carefully crafted classes.

Ardan Labs sponsor

GitHub Unveils Its 'Super Linter': One Linter to Rule Them All? — Setting up the right linters for the various types of code in your projects can be… a bit of a pain. So GitHub has unveiled Super Linter, a combination of linters you can use with your repos via GitHub Actions for a variety of different languages.


Xcode 12: Apple's IDE is Now in Beta — Xcode 12 will be a significant release as it includes support for building new style ‘Universal’ apps to target future ARM-based Macs. It also gets a Big Sur-themed UI overhaul, and creates new git repos using main instead of master(?)


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DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Join X-Team and work on projects for companies like Riot Games, FOX, Coinbase, and more. Work from anywhere.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


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📕 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

The Impending Doom of Expiring Root CAs and Legacy Clients — It’s a fact of life that security certificates have expiry dates and need replacing.. including root certificates that can often have very long multi-year timespans which could cause a lot of problems with older devices quite soon. This post is a good introduction to the problems on the horizon.

Scott Helme

Let Them Paste Passwords — Some sites prevent pasted passwords (which can even break some password managers). The UK’s cyber security officials stress that this a security anti-pattern. Today I also learnt that “Sociotechnical Security Researcher” is an actual job title – cool!

National Cyber Security Centre (UK)

The SaaS CTO Security Checklist — Learn the latest best practices for SaaS CTOs and technical leaders around leveling up your company's security with this actionable checklist.

Sqreen sponsor

After Three Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why — This is a story worth checking out if your work ends up on the Chrome Webstore in any way (such as if you’re distributing a browser extension): “Complaining on the internet should not be a support channel. Developers should not have to rely on the internet attention lottery. The Chrome Webstore has been around 10 years and needs to get its act together.”


▶  Compiler Compiler: A Video Series About Working on a JavaScript Engine — This gets very technical fast :-) Follow a JavaScript engineer on Firefox’s SpiderMonkey team as she gives an inside look at SpiderMonkey and the art of compilation.

Yulia Startsev

Software Should Be Designed to Last — And one way to do that is to reduce your dependence on external dependencies that can change.

Alfonso de la Rocha

The Incident Management Handbook: How to Deal with Being On-Call

Lightstep sponsor

How a Little Bit of Plain JavaScript Can Do a Lot — For anyone more than happy to dive in and write JavaScript without dragging in an entire framework and tooling to manage it, there will be no surprises here, but this is a nice reminder otherwise.

Julia Evans

Proxyjump, The SSH Option You Probably Never Heard of — Even if you have, this is a nice, little primer.

Khris Tolbert

What Happens When You Update Your DNS?

Julia Evans

🛠 Code and Tools

CloudSkew: A Free AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes Architecture Diagram Tool — Icons for all the major services are preloaded in. You do have to sign up but I’ve been seeing good reviews of this. There are samples to look at but I really enjoyed this page where they explain the app’s stack.

Skewed Ventures

Code Notes: A Gatsby Theme for Publishing Code-Related Notes and Snippets — If you’ve got a bunch of code snippets you want to keep collected together and present in an attractive fashion, this is a neat Gatsby and Markdown/MDX powered approach. Here’s an example site.

Zander Martineau

Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Released — If you’re on Windows 10, this is for you. Terminal now supports setting your chosen font weight, a “Open in Windows Terminal” context menu in File Explorer, and more.

Kayla Cinnamon

TiDB 4.0 Released: A Hybrid, Open Source HTAP Database — TiDB is an elastic, real-time Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) database built in Go(lang) that can act like a traditional relational database, a NoSQL database, or an analytical database all out of one box.


Nginx UI: A Web Accessible Way to Access and Modify NGINX Config FilesNote: This is not an NGINX/F5 product.

David Schenk

Syncthing: A Go-Powered Continuous File Synchronization Tool — If you want an open-source Dropbox, Syncthing is here for you (and it’s written in Go, of course).


IHP: A Modern Web Framework, Built on Top of Haskell and Nix — The interesting part is it’s not aimed specifically at Haskell developers but for anyone who wants to build webapps and it aims to teach you Haskell on the way.

digitally induced GmbH

awsls: A List Command for AWS Resources — Got an AWS account? Unsure of exactly what’s running or lurking around in it? Enter awsls.

Jan-Christoph Küster

vSSH: Go Library to Execute Commands Over SSH at Scale — Always interesting to see something new out of Yahoo! This library is for handling tens of thousands of SSH connections and executing commands across them.